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So much to do before term starts!

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PumpkinPie2016 Tue 22-Aug-17 13:30:35

Back to work a week on Fri and I have so much to do!
I want to finish getting the first week's lessons planned and seating plans done.

Also have a scheme of learning and a PHSE lesson that have to be submitted during the first week. Neither of these things have really been started - my own fault but wanted to enjoy time with DH and DS.

We get barely any time on the INSET to do our own stuff so I need to do it.

Went into school this morning to try to work but didn't get far as the cleaner next door had the radio on really loud angry

Anyone else got loads to do?

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DrMadelineMaxwell Tue 22-Aug-17 13:40:34

I put lots of hours in after school in the last few weeks, so haven't had to go in to tidy or organise the general stuff.

Book orders were put in too late, so they might have arrived now and need sorting between the classes.

Class requisitions also weren't put in early enough to get it before school closed, so I need to find ours and sort it between the 2 classes.

Apart from that, not much to do as plans were done before the hols (we were lucky enough to be given planning time in staff meetings) and I've been in my year group for a while so I know what worked and what I want to change and where all the planning is!

I don't know the kids well enough to do a seating plan, but will put one together after talking to their last teacher on the training day.

And I have a parent to see on the training day.

But I am heading in there now to see the teacher who has the parallel class to me, as the previous teacher (who I worked with for many years) has retired and there are lots of things to tell her about.

ASauvingnonADay Wed 23-Aug-17 11:18:18

Yes! Avoided doing much all summer but need to get my head down next week.

mayathebee Wed 23-Aug-17 14:13:20

I'm an NQT and I'd really like to get a bit organised for next year but I don't have access to the school and I won't get my laptop until the first training day in Sept (so I can't access class lists or SOW or see which units I'm teaching). It's nice to have an excuse to spend time with DDs but the start of term will be a bit rushed.

BoysRule Wed 23-Aug-17 19:05:50

I'm really trying to get organised so I can hit the ground running. What are your top things to have in place before term starts? Mine are (primary):

Books labelled and in their place
Pencil pots sorted with freshly sharpened pencils
Trays labelled and sorted
First weeks plans and resources done
First term long term plan done
Some displays done with plans for the empty ones

Doomhutch Wed 23-Aug-17 21:39:49

Me and the kids organised the classroom, sharpened the pencils etc at the end of the year so I don't have to do too much (I am pretty fanatical about it being organised all year!), and I did all the printing for admin things like book labels in my PPA. I'm going in one day next week to put up signs and things (we had to remove EVERYTHING from the walls for painting) and back my boards, put the kids' name labels on trays and lockers.

We don't have to do weekly plans (thank fuck!) so the MTPs will be done on one of the INSET days. I've done flipcharts for all my start-of-year activities but until we get back it's impossible to do a timetable as there'll be assemblies and changes and two parallel teachers to plan with! Main thing is as soon as I get in I need to plan a school trip for about Week 3 and I'm the only teacher who was in this year last year, so probably giving out a lot of information too!

Doomhutch Wed 23-Aug-17 21:41:46

It's lovely, too, being a yeargroup where they can label their own books!

thatdearoctopus Wed 23-Aug-17 21:48:52

All our book labels are printed by the office and stuck onto all the exercise books by some work experience students at the end of term. My TA backed all the boards during the last week, ditto pencils sharpened etc..
Need to get all my plans into one place and class lists and records assembled on file for easy access.
But this is for next week. This week is MINE.

NotQuiteThere Wed 23-Aug-17 22:25:23

I'm in a new school, so feel very unprepared! I have a timetable, SoW and textbooks but no class lists. I'm teaching Year 13 for the first time next year so spent a lot of time before summer looking at the scheme of work and revising the content. BUT I need to look at all of my KS5 stuff and try to get the first week of lessons planned across all of my classes next week. Am starting to panic about how to do this around the dcs this week and next.

DrMadelineMaxwell Wed 23-Aug-17 23:29:36

Between me and my fab TA, we've already managed to
Label books
Create golden time charts
Updated the target sheets that the children have in their books to match their current progress from the assessment system
Cleaned and stocked table pots.

Helpful children (who were bored on the toy day at the end of term) tested all my felt pens, board pens, highlighters etc and threw away duff ones. They also washed my white boards and trays.

I sorted through and reorganised my shelves after school (in a parents' evening where only 1 set of parents came in) and did my desk drawers too.

I've been in once. To speak to the new teacher in the other year group about Sept.

I need to stick on tray labels, put up house lists etc on my display and finalise our timetable - which always seems to change based on who gets PPA when and when PE times are chosen.

I need to finalise the first week's planning on the training day.

Rosieposy4 Wed 23-Aug-17 23:55:17

Need to finish my final sow for the new gcses!
Won't be teaching it until oct but my colleagues will expect it to be ready, and there will not be time once we go back. Otherwise am sorted.

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