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Maternity pay.........what has happened?

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elisa2502 Wed 23-Aug-17 17:59:39

If you were employed at a School before it became an Academy you will be TUPE'd over which means burgundy book goes with you.

Minispringroll Wed 23-Aug-17 17:46:23

I'm just finishing mat leave and had enhanced pay as normal. I'm at a LA school.

ZoyaTheDestroyer Wed 23-Aug-17 09:26:27

I should add that I don't know of any academies who don't offer at least the equivalent of the burgundy book; some are more generous.

LittleGreyCatwithapinkcollar Wed 23-Aug-17 09:15:03

I've just finished Mar leave and got enhanced+smp as the academy follows burgundy book, but only LEA schools have to do so afaik.

ZoyaTheDestroyer Tue 22-Aug-17 20:36:55

Burgundy book provision hasn't changed AFAIK provided that you have the required length of service.

Academies and free schools can do as they wish, of course. I'be heard of schools which give the enhanced pay as a lump sum once you have been back in work for 13 weeks.

trinity0097 Mon 21-Aug-17 21:04:35

Section 8.3 here.

Are you still employed by a school that follows the burgundy book, or you are in a school that has converted to something that doesn't have to?

Orangeseed Mon 21-Aug-17 17:42:27

Does anyone know what the current burgandy book maternity pay entitlement is?

When I had my last child teachers were given enhanced maternity pay on top of SMP, I'm being told this is no longer the case?!

I have searched online but can't find a clear answer.


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