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Anyone else dreading going back?.... Why?...

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Mrstumbletap Sat 19-Aug-17 15:18:53

Would love to hear other teachers thoughts and perspectives.

I have worked at large secondary for over 10 years and love, love, loved it for the first 7/8. Became (heavily persuaded) to become SLT and the responsibility, hours and stress is just overwhelming.

Still love teaching and love the kids, but some of the senior staff are truly awful and would throw anyone under the bus given half a chance. Had several emails today that have me sat here with all my work stuff out stressed, when I should be happily enjoying my holidays with my DS and DH.

I really don't want to go back, and if ttc next year I should just put up and shut up shouldn't I?

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trinity0097 Sat 19-Aug-17 17:05:24

perhaps management isn't for you then, as a heavy workload and time commitment is perfectly normal.

What's stressing you, can we give some advice?

pfrench Sat 19-Aug-17 22:54:57

Management makes 'teaching' rubbish as far as I'm concerned. I'm going to take a step back as soon as I can (or get out of teaching altogether for a while). So yeah, I'm dreading going back too.

Mrstumbletap Sun 20-Aug-17 00:26:16

Yeah I think management has taken the fun out of teaching for me.

But do any of you in senior roles or deputies/assistant deputies really look forward to going back?

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pfrench Sun 20-Aug-17 08:11:02

I used to. All changed after mat leave.

wobblywonderwoman Sun 20-Aug-17 08:13:05

There is a culture of bitching/ weak management. Dreading it. Feel sick.

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sun 20-Aug-17 08:16:43

I would be looking forward to going back (SLT but with a niche management role) except that I have so much work to do between now an 5th September. Once I have got all of that done I'll be happy to be back.

123MothergotafleA Sun 20-Aug-17 08:19:23

Sounds exactly like the NHS,with piss poor managers promoted beyond their capability. The real work happens in the classroom/ ward, why do these numbskulls fail to see that?

highinthesky Sun 20-Aug-17 08:20:17

As part of the SLT you are in a unique position to change it to culture. Don't get ground down by it, turn it into the organisation you'd like it to be.

Just make sure you've got the head on your side, always.

Littlefish Sun 20-Aug-17 09:10:23

I'm SLT and am looking forward to going back. There are parts of my job that I dread (mainly to do with staffing), but there are other parts that I absolutely love. It's ridiculously hard work, but being on the SLT gives me the chance to influence the way the school runs. The meetings we have are also very funny at times, which really appeals to me. I've learnt not to take myself so seriously and to recognise my strengths and challenges within a supportive team. I'm also really lucky that the two teachers I work most closely with are always up for a challenge and something new.

Having said that, at the point where being on SLT stops being fun, I will definitely step down.

trinity0097 Sun 20-Aug-17 12:46:55

I went back weeks ago, I don't consider myself to be term time only like teachers, I had a week out of the country and I'm now working shorter days than usual (6.30am to 3pm) and not going to school at weekends.

I am a Deputy in a Prep school, but I am also the Head of Maths and basically the data manager too. I have a significant teaching load as well and write the timetable etc.... and since we are an independent school we do all our own admin/displays etc... So I have plenty on my to-do-list.

Mrstumbletap Sun 20-Aug-17 16:53:20

There are SLT meetings that are really fun? What is this magical thing you speak of?!

Unfortunately mine are not, they involve only 1 or 2 people speaking and the rest of us sitting in silence listening to someone reading a document or telling us what we already know. Painful.

SLT in secondary, out of interest how much do you teach?

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trinity0097 Sun 20-Aug-17 20:41:19

Ours are not necessarily fun, but lovely! The head comes and crams into our office and we try and sort out the latest crisis. Anything goes! I have recognised that my head gets cranky when hungry so have a desk drawer full of snacks for her, that helps!

I teach Maths to three classes (6 or 7 35min lessons a week depending on the age), plus 3 reasoning lessons and 14 duties. This year I will also be supporting a PE teacher through the school based PGCE - not looking forward to cold observations in the winter!!!

Mrstumbletap Sun 20-Aug-17 21:20:00

That sounds like a friendly team type approach to leadership. I'm very jealous.

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trinity0097 Mon 21-Aug-17 17:12:21

We get on very well together. Although the head is ultimately the boss we are considered equals in most things. We all have very different skill sets too which all complement each other and form an effective overall team. My head is very reactive and emotional, I am more calm and measured and know to not action (have learnt not to!) her first reactive emotional reaction as she will have calmed down later and thought more rationally about things. She can't really use computers, I have to do things involving anything more technical than filling in a form or sending a simple email for her. She's a great orator and can charm the pants off any crowd and calm even the most difficult parents!
I think it helps she is also a teacher, she teaches 2 classes, one of which is a core subject, so is also at the chalk face so to speak!

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