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Left teaching? What do you do now?

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Hellokitty105 Fri 18-Aug-17 09:00:50

Currently an NQT in a school and hate it! To cut a long story short the children and the team I work with are lovely but unfortunately it's the SLT and head putting me off!

I'm considering leaving after completing my nqt year, only 1 term left (I can always come back to teaching later) but if you have left what job did you go to do?

I've worked in customer service part time for 6 years while I was at uni and I've also been a TA 3 and 1:1 prior to teaching post.

Struggling to see what other job I could do with similar pay to be able to pay the bills. Would be willing to take a drop in pay though.

What job do you do?

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samlovesdilys Fri 18-Aug-17 19:01:13

Can I suggest you try a different school?? Seriously, the influence of a rubbish (or great) slt is HUGE, if you still love the kids, have a passion for your subject and a will to succeed there is still a place for you...just not there!! Even if you take a maternity cover short term it would give you time to appreciate a different school environment.

BringOnTheScience Fri 18-Aug-17 23:30:23

I have an education outreach role for a big company that combines my pre-teaching career's skills with my teaching. Perfect fit for me. Think of every organisation that's visited your school or every place you've been to on a school trip - they all employ former teachers.

chocolateworshipper Thu 24-Aug-17 20:03:26

Having worked in customer service and as a TA, you could look into being an Assessor - assessing candidates doing the Customer Service NVQ and the Teaching & Learning NVQ. Talk to your local FE college.

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