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PGDE Secondary Maths (Scotland)

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DaisyMacDaisy Sun 30-Jul-17 15:39:24

Thanks for replying Balfe. It is good to hear other experiences.

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Balfe Fri 28-Jul-17 22:42:55

Hello. It has been a long time since my own PGDE but I assume it can't have changed too much.

At uni, secondary students tend to have a lighter timetable than primary, more like a 'student' timetable. We had around 6 weeks at uni, then 6 weeks at school (x3). Actual course work was 3 submissions, which I didn't find terribly challenging (academically). I didn't find any of the paperwork or coursework difficult, but the sheer amount of stuff you have to write up is exhausting.

Placements and teaching are the real stress and strain and you are a bit at the mercy of whatever school you go to. If the rest of the staff are in 8am-5pm, you feel obliged to do that too. Lesson planning takes a long time, the behaviour management and performance of teaching is exhausting, plus you have your crit and paperwork to do.

I really take my hat off to anyone who manages with children, but plenty of people do.

DaisyMacDaisy Fri 28-Jul-17 22:24:24

Hi Everyone,

I am looking into applying for the PGDE Secondary Maths in Scotland as I am interested in teaching. I have heard lots of horror stories about the huge workload and stress this will involve.

I am aware that it is an intense course and I will need to do a lot of work and study and that teaching is a tough job involving long hours, work at home etc. I just wondered if anyone could give me more of an idea about the course, as I am not sure whether it would be better to wait until my kids are a bit older.

I am also a bit worried about the written side of the course as I did not really do much in the way of essays or research etc. at uni.How much of the course work does this make up?

Finally can anyone suggest how I could prepare myself before applying? I have plenty primary experience but not secondary so am arranging more classroom experience in secondary. I am also brushing up on my maths knowledge/current curriculum, as it has been a few (many many) years since I studied. Anything else I should be doing?

Thanks for the help.

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