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PPA - is this correct? Feel like this isn't right.

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applesauce1 Wed 19-Jul-17 16:38:45

Hi all,

We've had our PPA allocation for the year and I wanted to check this is correct.

I teach from 8.45 until 3.15. We have 20 minutes assembly (is this classed as 'contact time'? We are compelled to attend) and 15 minutes for break. Lunch is 1 hour.

PPA for next year will be 1hour 45 minutes every week, and an extra hour a week every other term. I know that technically, we should be given the 10% every single week, but I don't really mind having a 'top-up' system. If assembly is classed as 'contact time', this won't cover it, as the weekly PPA would be about 2.5 hours a week, so would only be getting 15 extra minutes a week to 'bank' for the next term with only 1h45 a week?

Apologies for being so dense. It's the end of term and I'm not functioning properly!

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DrMadelineMaxwell Wed 19-Jul-17 20:36:42

Yes, I believe that assembly time is contact time - especially if you are compelled to attend. As are break times, which is why you can be required to do break duties. Lunch times aren't.

TheFallenMadonna Wed 19-Jul-17 20:39:20

It's contact time, but PPA is 10% of teaching time, not contact time.

applesauce1 Wed 19-Jul-17 23:25:07

How many hours PPA would you expect for the following?
4h55m teaching time (registration included in this but count as teaching time as we start work immediately)
15m break
20m assembly

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TheFallenMadonna Wed 19-Jul-17 23:26:58

2.5 hours pw. Break and assembly don't count.

disconnecteddrifter Wed 19-Jul-17 23:31:51

Break does count just most heads let you have 3 a week off. Look at your union website

TheFallenMadonna Wed 19-Jul-17 23:34:29

Break has never counted for me. Or tutor time/registration. 10% of lesson time. I work 0.8 and get 2 hours, 10%. I am on duty every break and every lunch as part of my directed hours, and they are not included in the calculation.

TractorTedTed Wed 19-Jul-17 23:48:13

I guess just under 2.5 hours a week?

In secondary schools it's perhaps more straightforward.
A friend has 2 and a half hours a week ppa. There are 5 lessons a day, each lasting 60 mins. Two week timetable, so really 5 frees a fortnight.

Obviously expected to do break duties, assemblies, tutor time etc, which isn't taken into account when calculating ppa.

So if you teach for 4 hrs 55 mins a day, that's 24 hrs 35 mins a week. 10% of that is 2 hours 26 mins.

Rainbowcolours1 Thu 20-Jul-17 16:58:53

My full time staff get half a day a week, alternating am and pm, so the equivalent of a day a fortnight. The rest depends on how many days they work. It works out slightly more than 10% but is much easier to timetable and I think they deserve it!

unikorn Fri 21-Jul-17 06:43:32

My goodness that's hardly anything. I work 0.8 and get six hours in private school. This sort of thing makes me so cross for teachers.

MaisyPops Fri 21-Jul-17 06:49:06

Standard in most schools near me for main scale teachers is 3 hours a week.
It should be just under that but most schools round up near me.

I'm not sure I'd want to work somewhere that counts my PPA to the minute. It tells me too much about the school culture.

youarenotkiddingme Fri 21-Jul-17 07:01:07

Our school usually give am or pm.
Teachers do argue that system though as an is 8.45-11.50 and pm session is 1.20-3.15.

I agree that alternating would be a fair system but discussion and fair solutions can only be reached with an SLT team who are willing to listen hmm

We've had 11 teachers leave in 3 years and are short 2 teachers for September. (In an 11 class school!)

rebelnotaslave Fri 21-Jul-17 07:03:22

It's 10% of timetabled teaching time, in blocks of no less than 30mins. But only in local authority schools or in an academy if you TUPE'd from local authority.

There is no statutory right to ppa in academies.

And its weekly, not daily. The actual hours you teach, not how many hours are available for teaching.

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