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Please can I have my timetable for next year?

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Lucycat Mon 17-Jul-17 19:52:47

Part time secondary teacher here, hoping for more than my 0.5 timetable next year (not holding out any hope as we are lucky to be keeping our jobs, cheers funding cuts!) but I'd just like to know what classes I'm teaching, how many classrooms I'm expected to lug my stuff around (15 this year out of 22 periods!) and indeed if I'm teaching a random subject for which I'm not qualified
So if anyone has any ideas where my timetable might be and whether I'm likely to see if before we finish on Friday can you let me know? 🍸😊

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Blueemeraldagain Tue 18-Jul-17 22:04:14

My headteacher tried to tell me I would get my timetable on August 21st, when she gets back from holiday. I politely suggested we look at it together tomorrow...

DumbledoresApprentice Wed 19-Jul-17 07:31:58

We had ours a couple of weeks ago and thought that was quite late. I can't imagine starting the summer holidays not knowing what I'll be teaching next year. I've been making seating plans and finding out about the classes I don't know. I'll then use the first few days of the holiday to plan for the first few weeks of term and then I switch off until results day. I'd be on edge if I didn't know what to expect in September. Does this usually happen in your schools?

Lucycat Thu 20-Jul-17 06:38:25

It's not usually quite this late but with teaching cuts the timetable has even less 'wiggle room' so fitting it all on has been a nightmare apparently- I envisage split classes galore!

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LockedOutOfMN Fri 21-Jul-17 13:24:30

My school finished on 30th June and we still have no timetables or confirmation of which year groups (or sets) we'll be teaching.

RainyDayBear Fri 21-Jul-17 17:01:19

We had ours in June. I started there this year and was bloody stunned at the organisation! Last year in my old school folk were given a list or their groups on the last day, no timetable until September! One friend who was part time was contacted the Friday before term started to tell her that her days were changing; union had a field day I think!

Lucycat Sat 22-Jul-17 09:48:56

We finished yesterday so I do now have a timetable yay! No rooms on it though, as a part timer I shall be wandering again between buildings in the northern drizzle no doubt. In the meantime, turn off those work emails and have a well deserved break everybody 🍸

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LockedOutOfMN Sat 22-Jul-17 12:07:43

Turn off those work emails and have a well deserved break everybody 🍸

Good advice, Lucycat!

Everyone enjoy their holidays now they're here at last.

rollonthesummer Sun 23-Jul-17 13:15:06

Inhave been put on 0.5 as well, down from 0.7 which is going to be really tight financially sad.

Are you going to try to get more work in another school?

LockedOutOfMN Sun 23-Jul-17 15:11:29

That sucks, rollonthesummer! Does your timetable allow you to look for other work on certain day(s) of the week?

Lucycat Mon 24-Jul-17 10:54:18

What is your contract rollonthesummer? Mine is 0.5 so they have to at least give me that. More would be great but with budget cuts, subjects cut from the curriculum, larger classes especially at A level (27 in yr12 next year) more hours is just not happening

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rollonthesummer Mon 24-Jul-17 22:58:55

I was 0.5 but had been on a variation contract upto 0.7 for 5 years. I can work on the other days, yes-but it's not too easy to find work.

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