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changing secondary subjects

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tinypop4 Wed 12-Jul-17 13:25:14

Has anyone ever changed the subject they teach at secondary level? I currently teach an arts subject and have for several years - I am really not enjoying it. The subject is being cut or reduced from many state schools with budget cuts, and means I'm having to work in a private school which isn't for me. The extra-curricular commitment means I am doing endless evening/after school work which I would rather be doing at home in terms of marking. My favourite area is A-level, but this isn't running at most schools locally due to low uptake.
I have an A-level (grade A) in English, as well as having done some university elective modules in it, and I also love Religious Studies. I am interested in changing subjects as I love teaching, I've just gone a bit luke warm on my specialism and would love a change.
Have any teacher mumsnetters done this? How did you go about it?

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phlebasconsidered Wed 12-Jul-17 20:48:03

Depends on your subject. I changed from secondary to primary. I had taught history at key 3, 4, 5. Plus Geography, English and 'RE at ks 3, and politics and psychology at ks5. I brushed up on maths and science and went to primary. I also had arts a levels and knew how to use a kiln!

If you've got some range of ability, that's an option. If its just art or dt, less so without some subsidiary knowledge. Maybe FE?

fatowl Thu 13-Jul-17 15:44:06

Mine is probably an unusual route but I changed form secondary MFL, to English.

I taught MFL in the uk, then did a CELTA when I moved abroad.
I've ended up teaching at an international school in Asia teaching ESL, KS2 and KS3 English language and IGCSE English as a second language.

Not sure what I'd be qualified to teach if I moved back to the UK though

QueenieGoldstein Thu 13-Jul-17 17:25:24

I went from KS3 RE teaching to primary! It takes a Head who is willing to give you the opportunity to show your skill set.

RE is a fabulous subject to teach although you do have to fight against some who have a negative perception of the subject (yes I'm looking at you Gove)

BrieOnAnOatcake Thu 13-Jul-17 17:27:53

RS in the schools I've taught in have all been philosophy or theology graduates but I suspect it might not always be!!

BrieOnAnOatcake Thu 13-Jul-17 17:29:24

I'd apply for a job in one of your topics and offer another one they might take you up on it. Or if in role ask for experience teaching a few sessions a week in another department so you're in a better position to apply elsewhere.

chips4teaplease Thu 13-Jul-17 17:32:06

I've known some excellent RE teachers and HoDs of RE who aren't theology or philosophy graduates - one of the best was/is a Geographer.
But I wouldn't recommend anyone switching to RE - if you want to find an undervalued, under-resourced secondary school subject, that's the one. If you're in a church school, you might be ok.

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