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Activity observation with an object that inspired love of teaching as focus

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NannyPlumBum Sun 09-Jul-17 11:50:27

Hi all,

First post! Just wondering if anyone had any ideas for this random request. I need to do a 20 minute activity with 12 mixed age and ability KS2 School Council children. I need to bring an object which inspired by love of teaching and learning and use this as the focus.

I was thinking of making it a practical/creative activity. So they maybe make something to take away with them. But it needs to be doable in 20 mins and also - what could the object be?!

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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DandelionAndBedrock Sun 09-Jul-17 11:55:08

Is there anything that you remember doing at school as a child? Maybe a story that a teacher read to you, or a craft activity (I remember making mobiles in Year 5 by drawing compass daisies, colouring them in and laminating them, and cooking lessons when I was in KS1). You could explain about the reason you still remember it and ask them to share their memories of the best thing they have done in school? Not sure how you could make it practical/creative though.

HopeClearwater Sun 09-Jul-17 11:57:27

My god, what idiot thought this one up?

Who's to say an object DID inspire your love of teaching and learning?!

What a pile of crap. I can't believe I still work in this system.

Good luck though wink

temporarilyjerry Sun 09-Jul-17 14:33:16

What a pile of crap. I can't believe I still work in this system. grin

RandomDent Sun 09-Jul-17 14:36:31

Maybe a calendar with August highlighted and a big smiley face.

(Sorry, end of term fatigue here!)

TheFallenMadonna Sun 09-Jul-17 14:37:35

Good Lord! Why?

titbumwillypoo Sun 09-Jul-17 14:43:08

How about reading from your favourite childrens book, maybe Roald Dahl or David Walliams and having a discussion on language. My second idea was a pencil, you could suggest it as a key for unlocking learning and some blank paper. Leave it really vague lets the kids fill the time drawing or writing about their inspirations and just wander round being supportive.

roundtable Sun 09-Jul-17 14:43:26

grin I had exactly the same thought Hope.

Best of luck op. I would be inclined to make something up if you don't have an object as you won't because no one has ever been inspired to teach from an object

NannyPlumBum Sun 09-Jul-17 15:31:40

Thank you!
I know, it's random. Apparently this head teacher asks random questions at interview also, which have nothing to do with anything. How fun! hmm

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Acopyofacopy Sun 09-Jul-17 15:53:06

Very random indeed ...

Maybe a children's picture book (the hungry caterpillar?) and how it was your favourite book, inspired you to read and how you have transformed from a hungry, book eating caterpillar into a teacher butterfly now?

Add an activity about what they could eat/learn now and what kind of adult/butterfly they will turn into?

Acopyofacopy Sun 09-Jul-17 15:55:32

Failing that, August highlighted in the calendar. 10 days !!!!!

HopeClearwater Sun 09-Jul-17 23:33:19

The August page on the calendar wins !

10 days indeed grin

goingmadinthecountry Mon 10-Jul-17 00:51:01

I was bribed with a car to do my PGCE. Any help?

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