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Anyone do cover work on a supply basis?

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madmomma Fri 07-Jul-17 19:17:55

I've just signed up with an agency for supply TA work and cover supervision and was wondering if anyone else does this?

MiaowTheCat Tue 11-Jul-17 16:17:57

I used to - but I wouldn't do cover supervisor rates for actual teaching back when that was viable and then the kids came along about the time that that became pretty unsustainable to continue.

I loved doing the actual supply work (did some supply TA work as well to get more experience in some settings - like schools I knew had fantastic setups for children with autism and other SEN etc) - hated dealing with supply agencies and the fact that you'd just get a good working relationship up with one consultant and then they'd bloody move on cos the staff turnover in them is horrible.

I think they're really feeling a shortage of supply staff at the moment though - I've just had to contact one after 6 or so years for a factual "worked for us between X and Y" reference and they were immediately trying to get me back out and working for them! As do the emails and texts I still get on occasion.

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