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Do you know your classes yet?

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Griffintoes Thu 06-Jul-17 17:18:55

This is mainly aimed at Primary I guess.

We still don't know which classes we have next year - is that normal? Apparently one year before I started they didn't find out until the last week!

I'm actually slightly lying because I have had information leaked to me, but officially we don't know anything.

MsPassepartout Thu 06-Jul-17 17:25:51

DS1's school had transition day a week or two ago, where all the classes spent the day in the classroom and with the teacher they'll have next year.

BrieOnAnOatcake Thu 06-Jul-17 17:27:09

Transition day tomorrow for our borough so they better know!!

Copperspot Thu 06-Jul-17 17:28:02

We found out 2 weeks ago. Then all the kids go a letter the day after. We have transition day tomorrow, when is yours? They are leaving it a bit late

calzone Thu 06-Jul-17 17:29:52

Our transition day is next Wednesday.

TAs still don't know where they are going 😱 But as I'm leaving I don't actually care!!!!!

phlebasconsidered Thu 06-Jul-17 17:31:20

Last week. Transistion today. Still don't know which TA, if any.

FitbitAddict Thu 06-Jul-17 17:31:55

We were told last week and parents and children were told yesterday. Most aren't moving anyway and I'm the only teacher leaving.

Griffintoes Thu 06-Jul-17 18:03:31

Just us then, by the sounds of it! Hopefully we find out next week, at least. I know where I am, but not which class I have, and the three classes coming up are all VERY different!

I also want my class to know who they have next year - it's not very good for them either as they feel like they're approaching the edge of a cliff by what they've been asking me.

Griffintoes Thu 06-Jul-17 18:04:49

I think a lot of us are moving. Two teachers are leaving (big school), and a lot of people didn't want to do Y5 and 6 so they've have to negotiate a bit I think!

BrieOnAnOatcake Thu 06-Jul-17 18:06:56

hah we have eat more than 2 leaving, all 3 year 1, all 3 year 3 and some of the higher years are leaving ours!

Its a trust that has become super efficient so the transfer day and report day is known miles in advance, but on the minus people are leaving!

LindyHemming Thu 06-Jul-17 18:24:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QueenieGoldstein Thu 06-Jul-17 18:26:42

We've seen provisional lists but nothing finalised yet. Move up morning next week.

sunshineunicorn Thu 06-Jul-17 19:08:30

My dc had moving up day today so now know. Don't know when the teachers found out though. I work in secondary and we found out which classes about 3 weeks ago for them to begin their new timetable this week. Although set changes weren't decided until late last week so you knew which set but not which kids!

Cheerybigbottom Thu 06-Jul-17 19:10:05

My reception son found out his teacher for y1 on Tuesday and had transition day today. I hope the teachers knew long before Tuesday.

MaisyPops Thu 06-Jul-17 19:23:51

Not primary but we've not been told anything at our secondary other than if we are teaching GCSE or A level.
No timetable, no year groups or anything yet.

Puffinsnamechange Thu 06-Jul-17 20:13:16

Secondary here. We were told for weeks on end that we would get our time tables 'next week'. My HoD has now told us not to expect anything before the last week of term. I will be taking on a new subject at post-16 and don't even now what share of my time table will be allocated to that subject or which year groups I'm teaching. It's really annoying, but as with so many things in teaching, complaining won't change anything unfortunately...

LockedOutOfMN Thu 06-Jul-17 20:36:50

I'm secondary. We finished on 30th June. Don't know classes for next year or have a timetable.

MrsGuyOfGisbo Thu 06-Jul-17 20:39:12

Secondary - got timetables last week and so know which classes, which kids, which is good for planning. Am happy as I teach two subjects, one core, one not, and have classes that overlap, so fewer names to learn, and so easier also with reports.

roamingespadrille Thu 06-Jul-17 20:46:30

Yesterday. Children find out next Friday on reports. Transition day last Wednesday of term.
All very late!

bluechameleon Thu 06-Jul-17 20:55:07

We found out a couple of weeks ago. Kids found out end of last week. It was transition morning yesterday which was utterly chaotic as expected - it's a special school so there's a lot to know about each child but there is no formal exchange of information at all. So you end up in a room with 7 kids you may not know at all, and spend all morning asking each other things like "does anyone know what x eats for snack?" "Is she allowed to take her shoes off do you think?" Etc. Glad it's over!

WeasleyWoman Thu 06-Jul-17 21:01:52

We find out tomorrow but weirdly the head called me in and told me today but I'm not allowed to to tell anyone, its been killing me!
We are a special school 2-19 so the stress of being moved is massive, you can end up anywhere! Transition day next week

Griffintoes Sun 09-Jul-17 09:20:05

Well we officially out of the blue found out on Friday, and the kids will know Monday when the letter will go out. I've got a lovely class (and colleagues) next year so can relax a bit, and I know my class are going to a great teacher too. They're my first class so I'm being a bit precious about them grin. Handover and meet-the-teacher will happen in the last week.

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