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Nosey question about teachers moving years.

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TweeBee Mon 03-Jul-17 14:28:10

Hi all.
So I'm not a teacher but intrigued. My DD's school has a new head and a number of teachers are being moved around biggest change is from year 2 to year 6 and there are other smaller moves. Just wondering how teachers feel about this? How much say do you get? Are some years considered better than others?

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pastapestoparmesan Mon 03-Jul-17 15:00:56

Usually you can request what you'd like to do. It's not a big drama - they're all children and we're trained to teach them.

phlebasconsidered Mon 03-Jul-17 16:03:01

I'm some schools you can express a preference and be listened to. You might for example, need a break from year 6 if you've done a few years there. You might want to broaden experience.

However, other schools (like my current academy) just tell you and you have to link it. Depends on the leadership.

TweeBee Mon 03-Jul-17 17:06:13

Thanks for the replies. Yes I know teachers are qualified to teach all of primary but I'd imagine some might prefer infants or juniors.

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TweeBee Mon 03-Jul-17 17:06:54

Phlebas not good that you don't get a say in it!

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QueenieGoldstein Mon 03-Jul-17 17:25:24

Moves happen due to promotions too, I'm moving Year groups (lower down the school) which many have seen as demotion but it's actually due to a promotion within the school!

DandelionAndBedrock Mon 03-Jul-17 17:28:20

My colleague's brother congratulated her when she was given Y6. Turns out he thought you started teaching in Y1 and work up through the school as you get better at your job grin.

Generally it is developmental. I think the days of being "the year 3 teacher" are long gone.

bluechameleon Mon 03-Jul-17 17:32:23

At most schools I've worked at it involves consultation and you get some say. At my current school it is entirely at the whim of the head. It is an all ages (2-19) special school with sites in two different towns, and every year a few people get moved unexpectedly between primary and secondary. It is insane and I suspect malicious motives a lot of the time.

TweeBee Mon 03-Jul-17 17:36:01

That's funny Dandelion!
Sorry to hear so many of you get no say in it. I'm assuming you have to do extra work for a new class too - new topics to cover etc.

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rollonthesummer Mon 03-Jul-17 18:04:48

My old head was awful and used to move teachers who loved and were good at one phase (e.g. EYFS) up to year 6 if she didn't like them and wanted to get them to leave. It worked.

MiaowTheCat Mon 03-Jul-17 19:21:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DandelionAndBedrock Mon 03-Jul-17 19:36:32

Miaow that is genius...

teacher54321 Mon 03-Jul-17 20:59:57

In my experience (subject specialist in a prep school-this is my second one) it tends to be for a variety of reasons. If people leave and an NQT is employed then they'll be paired with someone with more experience at that particular school. Career development, personal preference, needs within year groups. I have colleagues who have definite preferences and those who are laid back and will move wherever. I have no say as I teach everyone grin no opting out for me!

Iwantacampervan Tue 04-Jul-17 07:05:51

I used to work for a head who liked to move teachers around just to force them to clear out their classroom cupboard! That was literally her reason behind playing musical chairs every 2 years.
The first school I worked in everyone moved classrooms every year but not necessarily year groups - certainly did stop the build up of stuff in the cupboard and old displays. This was before Reception classes and outdoor provision so easier to do.

lovehoney69 Tue 04-Jul-17 07:28:09

Rollonthesummer sadly this is not uncommon, I have a friend who was a great ks2 teacher, the head wanted to clear out some of the more expensive staff so she moved my friend to year 1, gave her a week to get to grips with the new year group then did an observation and started proceedings from there.
That's worst case scenario though op, mostly you chat to the HT about which year groups you are interested in and they do their best to accommodate people.

GraceGrape Tue 04-Jul-17 07:31:40

We all got shifted around this year to accommodate the wishes of a teacher who is pals with the head.

Iamcheeseman Wed 05-Jul-17 22:49:00

Our head puts you where they feel is best. We get no say and don't get told until the whole lot of teachers and tas are rearranged

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