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Working not on usual days.

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beachdream Tue 27-Jun-17 11:37:04

I have a new job starting next term at an independent school where my usual working days are mon-weds.
The school is having training days Weds-fri (30th Aug-1st Sep) and asks that all teachers are there regardless of usual days. I have checked and they want me there.
I expressed concern that the August days would be Unpaid as I am not paid over the summer and the hr manager got back to me saying my first day of employment is the 30th August. My recently issued and signed contract with the school says I commence employment at the school on September 1st. Am I in the wrong here or should I be paid for those days in august? They are not my usual days and as a consequence are going to cost me a large amount in childcare.

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noblegiraffe Tue 27-Jun-17 12:23:03

Email back asking for an updated contract in light of the new start date from the HR manager? It could just be an admin error.

rollonthesummer Tue 27-Jun-17 18:11:34

We are always either paid for training days which aren't on our usual days or given the choice not to come in. You could have a regular job on those other days which would prevent you from coming in.

Rachie1986 Tue 27-Jun-17 18:17:33

I'm at an independent and it's in our contract that we attend all inset days whether they are usual working days or not.

LuxuryDrinks Tue 27-Jun-17 21:06:27

Yes, but surely you can expect to be paid?!!

beachdream Wed 28-Jun-17 07:04:54

I can understand that I need to be there regardless of whether it's my days or not, but unpaid? Is that the norm for independent?
In my old (state) school these days would be given in lieu or paid if this wasn't possible.

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DitheringDiva Wed 28-Jun-17 07:39:11

You need to read your contract. Your annual salary may be for your normal working days + X number of other days. This is common in independent schools even for full-timers because sometimes teachers are expected to work Saturday mornings or do evening duties (in a boarding school) - this will all be in the contract, and you either accept it, sign the contract and work there, or you don't accept it.

Non-academies are/were not allowed to do this because they had to follow the STPCD which states that teachers cannot be made to come in on days they don't normally work. It's not a LAW though, so other companies/academis/businesses can do what they like with your consent of course. They get that when you sign the contract, which you only do if you're happy with it.

The only problem I can see is that your start date needs changing, because you definitely haven't signed anything to say you will start on 30th August. Not that this will make any difference - they're not going to increase your salary by the tiny amount that it should go up for the extra day. What you could do instead, is NOT sign a new contract and ask for a day's pay for 30th August, which is an extra day over and above your contract.

teaandbiscuitsforme Wed 28-Jun-17 07:47:37

I worked in a prep, went back part time after maternity leave to training days that weren't on my working days. I had to attend (and pay for extra childcare!). No extra pay, they just said it was in my contract and therefore had been factored into my salary.

tinypop4 Wed 28-Jun-17 08:26:24

It's actually 2 days of non-contracted working for the 30th and 31st August. I'll ask for a change in contract start date but as you say it's not like I'll end up actually getting paid for this.
It seems like a bit of a stitch up to me as I get to pay 98 pounds a day for childcare on those two days and receive no salary in August.

tinypop4 Wed 28-Jun-17 08:28:00

Sorry I named changed but this is still the op!

teaandbiscuitsforme Wed 28-Jun-17 09:02:24

In your situation, I would ask for a change in contract date and therefore expect 2 days pay, but I wouldn't expect extra pay for any other training days that are on non-working days.

Rachie1986 Wed 28-Jun-17 11:48:53

It's written in the contract that our salary includes attendance at all inset, so no extra pay x

Heirhelp Sun 02-Jul-17 21:16:42

The OP contract does not start until September so they can't legally require her to work in August.

TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Sun 02-Jul-17 21:22:29

IME independent schools march to the beat of their own drum when it comes to this sort of thing. I always read threads about state school conditions open-mouthed with regard to protected time and so on. I consider myself lucky I still have my soul and my first-born grin

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