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dinahmorris Mon 26-Jun-17 21:31:14

I am moving to a new school in September. I have found out that the reference provided by my current head was very poor - my new HoD described it as 'unprofessional on [the head's] part' and said I got the job 'despite the reference'. It was really unfair - claiming I was weak in the areas I am genuinely strong (obviously I know I have weaknesses, but the ones referenced are actually untrue.) My question is: what would you do? Just ignore, contact governors or what?

samlovesdilys Tue 27-Jun-17 20:49:23

You have the job...honestly I would just leave it...I guess you could and probably should go to governors but can you be bothered? With c.3 weeks to go? Just don't use them again.
I guess it depends how bad it is?? Negative or downright lies?? ...if it could stop career progression in new job then yes but a hassle....
Maybe speak to union?? They will give better advice I'm sure and may know if other instances...

dinahmorris Wed 28-Jun-17 00:03:59

Yeah, I think you are right. My new school obviously know it is untrue, or they wouldn't have flagged it with me (I never asked to see the reference) and I don't think it will affect career progression - they have given me multiple exam classes so they clearly aren't worried about my teaching ability. I think I will flag it with the union though, in case any future staff have similar issues which actually do prevent them getting jobs. I suppose I'm lucky that my new school were so surprised by the unprofessionalism that it came across as a bit suspect.

It was carefully written so there is nothing I can prove as lies. Just insinuations which the new school have already decided are unfounded. Personal attacks really. There was no mention of the positives (that I have data to back up) and I feel a bit stupid for continuing to go above and beyond at my current school.

samlovesdilys Thu 29-Jun-17 23:04:52

Sounds sensible! Just be glad you are OUT of there and count the days!!

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