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Would this be a rubbish gift for a teacher?

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AnneEtAramis Mon 26-Jun-17 16:51:29

DS1 is leaving primary this year and there are three teachers including the current one that he would like to get a gift for. It's hard to deduce what they are in to and we don't want something generic. DS1 is known as being very passionate about history (and is well known at school for this) so we thought about getting each teacher a subscription to Horrible Histories magazine that they can add to their book corners all next year for their next class. Is this really naff as its more about him than them? It would come with a card from us and him about what they have done for him and our appreciation and a leaving email to the Head to express how great they are.

TheVicarOfNibbleswicke Mon 26-Jun-17 16:52:52

Love it! Very thoughtful!

SeasideBay Mon 26-Jun-17 17:03:39

I would love this!

Jaimx86 Mon 26-Jun-17 17:14:26

That's a GREAT idea! I would love a parent to be that thoughtful.

leccybill Mon 26-Jun-17 17:16:00

I think it's a lovely and very generous idea.

xrayyankeezulu Mon 26-Jun-17 17:20:45

I think it's a great idea & one that will get put to use.

I think it's lovely if it's a personal thought, DD had an obsession with the gingerbread man book at preschool so for Xmas I got the teaching staff a pair of gingerbread men socks & hand warmers & they all commented that they thought of her each time they put them on

Hermanfromguesswho Mon 26-Jun-17 17:36:17

It's a lovely idea but get a different subscription for each teacher so they can swap and share too instead of the same one being duplicated 👍

AnneEtAramis Mon 26-Jun-17 17:48:07

Oh that's a good idea.

LindyHemming Mon 26-Jun-17 17:56:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MerrilyWatkins Mon 26-Jun-17 19:54:31

Definitely different ones. My class love 'The Week' and 'The Phoenix'.

BringOnTheScience Mon 26-Jun-17 21:42:22

That's a genius idea! :-)

Has anyone suggested Whizz Pop Bang? It's a superb science magazine.

BringOnTheScience Mon 26-Jun-17 21:55:34 It's not in any shops but is absolutely brilliant.

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