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Feeling a bit burntout :-(

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PumpkinPie2016 Thu 15-Jun-17 06:32:00

Despite half term only having been two weeks ago, I am completely exhaustedsad

Went to bed early last night and still feel exhausted! I started vitamin tablets the other day because I'm wondering if I'm deficient in something.

Or maybe it's end of yearitis but with another 5 weeks until summer I hope not!

Maybe I will feel better when I know what my timetable for next year is!

Anyone for any tips for surviving the best 5 weeks?

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mnistooaddictive Thu 15-Jun-17 06:38:26

I am the same. Currently in second migraine within a week which is a sure sign I am exhausted. At least I am secondary so have the benefit of a slightly lighter timetable with exam classes gone.
My advice is do as little evening work as possible and take it easy. Go to bed early whenever possible and try and avoid refined sugar.

PumpkinPie2016 Thu 15-Jun-17 06:49:28

Sorry you're feeling the same mnist I am also secondary and out Y11 went last week so at least there is that respite!

We have observations and book scrutiny next week but hopefully after that we can relax a little.

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Squishedstrawberry4 Thu 15-Jun-17 06:51:42

Go get some standard GP tests. Iron thyroid b12

MaverickSnoopy Thu 15-Jun-17 06:59:56

I think there's something in the air; I heard lots of people at school yesterday saying how unusually exhausted they are.

I think the key is to plan your time carefully so you're not over doing it (too much), get early nights and eat well. With the weather being warmer make sure you drink enough.

I had an incredibly busy day yesterday and at the end of it (when I still had several hours of house admin to do) I felt quite sick and dizzy. As soon as I had some water I felt instantly better. You definitely need to keep topped up for your energy levels too.

You said you've started vitamins. I really rate Floradix. I took it when my first DC was about 6 months and i was shattered. It really helped me and might be worth investigating.

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