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Applying to be a school governor

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BrouetteChouette Wed 14-Jun-17 00:59:40

Hi everyone.

I've applied to be a school governor. I've got a meeting with the headteacher of a local primary school coming up in a couple of weeks to find out more about the role at the school.

I've looked at the school website in preparation for this. It gives a lot of information about the school as well as its current governors, which has been very helpful.

The reason why I wanted to get involved in school governance is because I'm really interested in education and in making sure that children receive a good standard of education.

To give a bit more context, I actually started a teacher training course last year, but resigned as it wasn't for me (due to many different reasons). I would love to get involved in more voluntary roles in educational settings, and I think that school governance would be a good way to do this.

I'm in my mid-twenties and currently work as a languages tutor - whilst i don't have any sought-after specialist experience to offer the school, I'm confident that I'd be able to cope with the demands of being a school governor in a general role and that I have a lot to offer the school.

I've done a lot of reading into school governance, and have found this helpful. However, I'd be interested in finding out some first-hand accounts from anyone who's been involved in school governance.

I've heard, however, that people's experiences as school governors can vary a lot depending on which school they're placed in.

Could I ask you please about your experiences of being a school governor please (or if you know anyone who has been a school governor?)

Thanks very much smile

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BrouetteChouette Wed 14-Jun-17 07:00:05

Anyone with any advice please? smile

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BrouetteChouette Wed 14-Jun-17 16:51:40

Last-ditch bump - anyone with any guidance or tips please?

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CrewsInn Wed 14-Jun-17 16:55:44

I suggest you post in education as teachers may have different experiences of being governors.

Bitchinabonnet Wed 14-Jun-17 16:57:21

Hi there . I'm a parent governor at my children's school . Can I ask is it a parent governor role that you are interested in ?
You certainly sound keen and have looked into what being a governor involves which is more than many governors will have done 😁

BrouetteChouette Wed 14-Jun-17 17:14:52

Ooh good point CrewsInn - thank you!

I thought I'd post here just in case there may be a response from anyone who is currently/has been a governor, but I wonder if it's mostly teaching staff who use this board?

Hi bonnet - thanks for your reply as well smile I'm interested in a general governor role (I'm not sure if there's more specific terminology that I should be using!) rather than a parent governor role. How have you found being a governor? Is it something that you would recommend to others considering it?

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witchmountain Wed 14-Jun-17 17:17:08

I was a governor for a while. Resigned because I moved away. I never felt like I was adding a huge amount but the Head caught me at the end once and said that they liked it when I came because I asked pertinent questions.

Assuming you're not applying to be a parent governor, part of the benefit is that you will be slightly removed from the day to day experience of the school - staff and parent governors bring a particular perspective and you will bring a different one again.

Have you had a look at the Governors One Stop Shop site? It was through them visiting my employer that I got involved.

witchmountain Wed 14-Jun-17 17:18:20

It's definitely worth doing by the way. And if you don't like it you can stop!

CoxsOrangePippin Wed 14-Jun-17 17:21:47

SGOSS and Inspiring The Future are good websites to register your interest with. Then you will be visible to a whole range of schools who are recruiting governors. I use them both (am a chair).

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