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winkletwinkletoes Fri 09-Jun-17 21:18:16


I have heard today that if you are applying for new jobs you can only put your head teacher down as a reference rather than other SLT members.

Is this true??

Also if another SLT member does your reference does your head need to have a copy or see it? hmm

I have put the deputy head down as my headteacher is well known for giving less than flattering references!!


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HashtagPenelope82 Sat 10-Jun-17 09:09:34

Any applications I've filled in have always specified current headteacher as the first reference. In fact one application required the 2 references to be current and previous headteacher. However if the application form doesn't specify then I would have thought you could choose? As long as you've informed the Head that you've applied for a new job as well, as they need to approve time off for interview, and the new Head may well contact them whether they are specified as a reference in any case, for Safeguarding reasons.

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