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Returning part time after maternity leave anxious.

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cupthejunction Tue 06-Jun-17 11:36:00

I'm anxious about everything and it's ruining my daily life:
-working just two days (primary) -worried I'll be scape goated for everything not done/ done wrong in my absence
-worried about leaving my pfb
- worried about being poor
-worried that I don't have time to let it consume me like I did before
-worried I about the transition to part time
-my brain's turned to wool
-splitting the work load with the other teacher
I just feel that it's not going to be managed well by the head and I'll end up being pushed out.

Sorry anxiety is blowing my nerves out of proportion.

Anyone had a positive exp of going back part time?


DeliciouslyHella Tue 06-Jun-17 11:41:58

First of all, unmumsnetty hugs for you because going back to work after maternity leave is HARD.

I went back full time initially, then dropped down to 3 days a week 8 months later.

First of all - PFB will be fine. Just fine. They'll have a ball at nursery/childcare and will barely notice you're not there. You will enjoy hot drinks and being able to have a wee without worrying about a small child.

On the part time front, I found efficiency was the only way to avoid getting scapegoated. I was absolutely scrupulous about my marking and planning and ensured that when I left work on the last day, everything was done. I also did a handover email each week that the SLT were copied in to. A couple of times, I did drop the ball and ended up being bollocked as the more senior teacher in the job share - but 99% of the time it worked well.

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