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Advice on moving from Secondary to primary

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bluefootedpenguin Sat 03-Jun-17 23:14:41

Just that really. Trained as a Music specialist, taught Music ks3/4 and Maths up to ks4, also ks3 History, Re, Geography, PSHE and English. Currently not teaching, completing an MSc but have spent the last two years helping in my children's school, from teaching whole class Music to phonics, reading etc.

I love ks1 and while I have a reasonable knowledge of the numeracy/literacy curriculum I have no experience of planning, teaching or assessing.

How can I make the transition to primary? Any advice much appreciated!

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temporarilyjerry Sun 04-Jun-17 11:05:26

How about trying a bit of Primary supply? That way you could get experience of teaching and find out about different schools in your area before you commit yourself.

PolkaDotFlamingo Sun 04-Jun-17 11:08:45

I would suggest supply too

toomuchicecream Sun 04-Jun-17 11:42:16

A third vote for supply. And/or persuading your children's school that they want to employ you. Have a conversation with the Head and let her know that you are available for 1 off supply days if someone is on a course, or to do PPA cover. I know budgets are tight, but most schools I know would bite off the hand of a music specialist offering to do PPA (as long as they had the money to pay a teacher...).

bluefootedpenguin Sun 04-Jun-17 12:24:50

Thanks for the replies 😊 I did a little bit of supply in primary when first qualified 14 years ago. I will contact some agencies this week. I will also speak to the Head as I'm really happy to do anything to gain some useful experience. My MSc is in psychology and I think I may eventually like to pursue a senco role in a primary school. Thanks!

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needsahalo Sun 04-Jun-17 14:08:39

I am trying to make this move. I am registered now with a number of,agencies and all but 1 have been very positive. I have KS2 experience but limited,to a couple of hours a week in my specialism. I am prepared to TA and have done some very cheap groupon courses on phonics, SEN, autism and dyslexia. I also have sign language qualifications. One agency has CPD in moving from secondary to primary (although course not grinning again till September) and I can do that for free, Another agency has suggested doing 2 days a week volunteering in primary come September and has said they will organise it with one of their schools (they have me 'suited' to one school in their heads, I think). Overall, I am hopeful.

Message me - we can perhaps share ideas and experiences? I have joined a supply teaching group on Facebook which has also been helpful.

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