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Moving to private.. nerves!

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GoldenFlamingo Mon 29-May-17 11:48:05

I have got a job in a private prep school starting in September. I am moving from a state school in a pretty disadvantaged area, high FSM, high EAL, high SEN etc.
The prep I am moving to is well-regarded, very academic and all-girls. I loved it on my interview days and got a very good impression. It felt very friendly, organised and just right for me. I know 100% that the impression schools can give on vs. the reality can be very different.

Now I am coming to the final term at my school which I am tired of, exhausted by the expectations and disagree with a lot of their practices but starting to feel scared of the 'unknown' (of course, excited for a change too).

Any experiences of making this move? How did you find it?
I know it depends on the school but will planning be less (currently have to write an A4 page per lesson)? How do you deal with the parents? What might I find hard to adjust to?
What questions should I ask when I go in for the transition day?

Tattsyrup Mon 29-May-17 15:12:50

I work in a prep school. The workload is less, and I'd never return to the state system now.
Planning is pretty much the same (though a whole page lesson plan per lesson sounds completely unreasonable!). Smaller classes mean a smaller marking load, and fewer assessments to deal with and reports to write. You'll probably find the extra-curricular expectations will be greater and not just with clubs and after school prep, but there'll be open days, sports fixtures, awards evenings and so on as well.
Behaviour management should be easier, attendance will be better, homework will always be done, and all the parents will turn up for their parents evening appointments!

Are you going to be a class teacher or subject teacher?

GoldenFlamingo Mon 29-May-17 16:45:48

Thanks Tattsyrup
I will be a class teacher for year 4.
I am really hoping for better staff morale and friendliness. The pressure at my current school combined with a run down building and grotty staffroom means everyone hides away and just wants to get through things as workload expectations are high and fear of doing something wrong rules. I'm hoping for a nicer environment with more professional, trusting relationships.
FIngers crossed!

Tattsyrup Mon 29-May-17 17:34:31

It sounds like a positive move for you. The school I work in has a really high morale and a low staff turnover. The extra requirements, like open days and awards evenings and so on, are quite good fun.

platinum3 Sun 18-Jun-17 23:25:22

A new related private education thread in Talk - The staffroom for anyone interested.

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