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Advice please about potential new role

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sweetfig Sun 28-May-17 20:59:42

Sorry guys keep asking you lots of questions. So, after finally get an iv for a science job I was elated to be offered the job. But when I received my offer letter yesterday I was shocked to see it was for just one fixed term. What can I do? The school is lovely but there was never any mention of the job not being permanent.

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Mrstumbletap Mon 29-May-17 20:12:15

What did the advert say? Do you still have it?

Maybe it's a typo? You could check with HR

TheFallenMadonna Mon 29-May-17 20:16:08

Sorry, are you the poster who said the deadline was extended but you got offered a year fixed term?

sweetfig Wed 31-May-17 11:32:45

Hi sorry I seem to have managed to post this thread twice!!! Yes over the phone they offered me the job fixed for a year, even though it was advertised as permanent. Then offer letter arrived saying fixed for one term. I really don't understand what's going on especially as on tes today they have yet again advertised the role as permanent with closing date and of June. I can only surmise that they aren't very sure about me hence only fixing the job for 1 term. I've emailed the head to say as I understood it was a year's fixed term but ad half term no reply yet. Really don't know what to do especially as there is another job I'm interested in applying for at another school. Uhhh I need a crystal ball!!!!

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TheFallenMadonna Wed 31-May-17 11:36:07

Apply for the other job. Phone up on Monday and ask for clarification re the length of the contract. Are you currently teaching?

sweetfig Wed 31-May-17 11:45:47

Thanks fallen. Yes am currently doing a maternity cover. Unfortunately I've not been in teaching long and through one reason or another I've not been able to find a permanent role (redundancy from one school and had to leave another cos of bad health issues with my eldest dd which are now all sorted). All I want is to be given a chance to settle in to a stable role and to be able to improve my teaching xx

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PumpkinPie2016 Wed 31-May-17 12:04:21

Definitely ring for clarification on Mon but I would also apply for the other job.

If it turns out to just be a one term fixed term will you turn it down?

pottygoleor Wed 31-May-17 15:13:50

Durand Academy in Lambeth - what's it really like?From a staff point of view , am a job seeker

sweetfig Sat 03-Jun-17 20:07:52

Thanks all! Today got the email I was hoping for from the Head. It was an error new paperwork being sent out! Am elated and just hope it works out xx

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TheFallenMadonna Sat 03-Jun-17 20:10:26

Hurrah! I did wonder whether it was overuse of the word "term"!!

sweetfig Sat 03-Jun-17 21:12:29

Thanks Fallen

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