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Subject leader in primary - what does it involve for you?

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Teatimebear Sat 27-May-17 08:18:49

I'm being told I should grab a vacant subject leader position in my primary school.
It's one of the "smallest" subjects. I would really like to do it, and I think I'd be good at it as I have an out-of-school interest in it already and did at lot about it on my PGCE.
There's also the risk of being saddled with one I would not like, as a few subject leaders are leaving at the end of the year. I also think it would not be as much work as if it was for a 'bigger' subject, like history or MFL.

I'm in two minds though as next year I'll only be NQT+1 and it may be too much to take on. What does it involve at your school? I know you have to put together a folder - is that just curriculum stuff?
I'd ask mine but it was only mentioned to me as I was leaving for half term!

Smilingthru Sat 27-May-17 23:01:43

I'm PE lead and it's a lot of work! I do:
Budget holding
Sports Premium spending, accountability, impact,
Ofsted ready (lots of stories of PE leads being questioned!)
Organise and over see after school provision
Sort PPA cover (external PE coaches do this but comes under me as PE lead)
Organise trips
Sports days
Collapsed curriculum weeks
Lead Training
Lead staff meetings
Supports staff
Lesson obs
Improve lunchtimes through PE activities
Monitor, improve and support playtimes through PE activities
Resource the school
Keep cupboard tidy
Obviously got a folder to maintain
Risk assessments for equipment
Monitor kit
Send letters home about kit (!!!)
Go to person for any issues relating to PE, coaches, equipment, lunch time issues, play time issues,
PE assessment-monitoring and evaluating

The list is endless!! On an average day I will need to respond to about 10 emails all relating to PE.

Iv had this since being NQT+1. i swear my work load increases every year! Dreading next year as the Sports Premium is doubling!!!


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