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Part time yay or nay?

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MiniAlphaBravo Wed 24-May-17 17:11:05

I think I should probably say yes to this but just looking for experiences before I do for sure. Head has said I can do 3 days per week when I go back from mat leave with dc2.

How did part time impact on career opportunities? I'm guessing it out pay to them really. I might try to go full time again in a few years, is this likely?
Did you feel like you had to work on your days off?

Am planning to do 2 days per week to help them out with timetable from sept then 3 days from Jan. Should I ask to start before the summer so I can get paid or is that taking the mick?

Thanks for any responses. Am in secondary by the way.

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CarrieBlue Wed 24-May-17 18:58:34

Presumably you are on a full term contract now. Go back full time this side of holidays for a few weeks, start part time in September ( so you get full time pay for August). Or go back first day of holidays full time, start part time in September if you don't need to go back earlier (this is what I did with my first).

Career opportunities? Depends on your subject and your experience in my experience - if you're past a couple of pay spine points and not HoD you're probably too expensive these days. Sorry

Mistressiggi Wed 24-May-17 19:02:41

It's very normal to go back to work around a holiday time. You will be due some holiday pay from your ML anyway, be aware you don't just get paid for the holidays you will be paid for whatever you are actually owed for the rest of the year - we don't get paid for the holidays remember! Are you being offered a part time role under flexible working, with a fixed term? Then your full time role will be open for you. It will probably affect promotion chances but I have known people go from being part time to full time promoted. Did the headteacher offer this without you asking? That is unusual.
I do not work on days off as I am busy with my other job (the dcs). You need to be strong about that!

Alphvet Wed 24-May-17 19:29:51

I've done it 3 days for 4 years now while kids were small. Asked to go ft. Said no so I've resigned and have a new job for sept. Don't expect to go back full time as easily as you went part time

Alphvet Wed 24-May-17 19:30:27

And straight refusal for promotion on part time (secondary).

MiniAlphaBravo Wed 24-May-17 19:44:33

Thanks all. Yes I would have thought it won't be easy to go back full time. With my subject I'd probably find it easy to get another job though if need be.

Mistress I asked to go back earlier (sept) to help them out as they would have been short due to other staffing changes. Then I also asked about doing 4 days but he said 3 days was better for them.

I can't really go back full time as early as July so maybe I'll ask for my p-t to start first day of the hols.

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badhotfanny Wed 24-May-17 19:55:57

I went back for the last half term full time, then went part time in sept. Three days. I didn't find it a barrier to progression at all - in fact, I got a whole-school tlr when pt.

I've since gone down to two days, but the school were surprised when I asked this, as I think they assumed I was working towards more hours, or at least staying the same. I think I would have got opportunities on a four day week.

I suppose I am saying that it probably very much depends on your school.

MiniAlphaBravo Wed 24-May-17 20:16:24

Badhot that's good to know about your whole school tlr.

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Tw1nsetAndPearls Wed 24-May-17 20:18:07

I would do anything to go part time. Have had 2 requests turned down and am considering handing immunity notice in.

MiniAlphaBravo Wed 24-May-17 20:27:45

Tw1nsetandPearls that's so rubbish and I hope you get it eventually. That's what I'm thinking really, if I don't go for it now it's hard to find part time jobs and they may turn me down if I start back full time and can't cope and want part time.

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CarrieBlue Wed 24-May-17 20:28:19

Why shortchange yourself over the holidays? You can stay full time from first day of holidays until you start pt in September.

Mistressiggi Wed 24-May-17 21:09:39

If you have a temporary flexible working arrangement (usually for a year, may be extended by mutual agreement) then you are guaranteed to go back full time at the end of it. Check the wording of what you've applied for!

PolkaDotFlamingo Wed 24-May-17 21:19:00

Definitely don't short change yourself. Go back full time from the first day of the holidays and then start your part time contract from September. It's not cheeky to have what you're entitled to.

pepecat Wed 24-May-17 21:19:26

After DS1 I went from full time to 2.5 days but felt I wasn't in the building enough so upped that to 3 after a few months. Was easy to open emails or mark when he napped on my days off but resented it as he grew and slept less! Am returning in July after DS2 for the equivalent of 4 full days before the summer so I get paid in August (final smp this month). Have agreed 3 days again but Head has allowed me to change days to suit childcare. I share HoD which works well in our school so I think she's keen not to lose me as colleague wants a baby now too. I do fear the workload again and have promised myself that days off are to be with the children, nothing school related whilst they're awake. Good luck with your return!

MiniAlphaBravo Thu 25-May-17 08:24:12

Ok I'm definitely going to ask to go back full time for holidays. Thanks all I wouldn't have thought of that.

I don't know what the arrangement will be yet mistress as it's all very new and just been a chat so far but good to hear that in mind, thanks.

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