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New classroom has no windows

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WelshMoth Tue 23-May-17 17:07:47

My new class for the next year is totally windowless. I am dreading it.

It holds about 36 pupils so the heat will be incredible in the summer and while I have fans, all they do is blow hot air around.

But, the lack of sunlight is going to be a major issue. What can I do to minimise any winter depressions?

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acornsandnuts Tue 23-May-17 17:14:58

Is that even legal. It must feel like the depths of hell. Not the best learning environment.

Is it primary?

WelshMoth Tue 23-May-17 17:18:36


Hell indeed!! shock

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IndianaMoleWoman Tue 23-May-17 17:21:58

Eeugh, been there. Does it at least have internal windows onto a corridor or something?

Jaimx86 Tue 23-May-17 17:24:53

I teach in a room without windows occasionally, but there is a great air con system controlled by the teacher in the class. Can this not be made a condition of teaching in there?

ParadiseCity Tue 23-May-17 17:28:38

You need a fake window! Big tv, flanked by curtains, with a video of somewhere nice playing. Or somewhere shit if theyre a naughty class. Different settings. 'If you behave your next lesson will be at the beach, if you play up I will send you to Coventry'.

I'm not too sure how you get a big tv for no pence being a school but freegle might just work...

WelshMoth Tue 23-May-17 17:38:43

No internal windows just one solid bloody door. No air con. It has something of a yellowing light in it too so god knows how this going to work out.

I'm quite hardy in many ways but I am unbelievably anxious about my move sad

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BikeRunSki Tue 23-May-17 17:41:33

Does it have an outside wall? Does the school have any plans to put a window in?

miwelaisjacydo Tue 23-May-17 17:44:10

I thought classrooms have to have a window?

Bellie99 Tue 23-May-17 17:48:35

I don't think there is a legal or H&s requirement to have a window, but H&S does talk about ventilation and adequate ways to regulate temperature and airflow. This may be hard without windows or air con???

LockedOutOfMN Tue 23-May-17 18:18:59

Keep the door open.

Maybe get a plant?

Wall displays to cheer up the place.

Ask for aircon.

And see if you can swap out of there for at least a couple of periods per week.

Lowdoorinthewal1 Tue 23-May-17 18:22:59

Lord, I'm not sure I could do that OP. I really feel for you. sad

Could you share it with somebody else in the department so you only have to do half a week each with no window? If there's nothing to be done you will just have to make sure you go for a walk outside as often as you possibly can.

Awful though.

spacecowboy99 Tue 23-May-17 18:33:52

That sounds awful. I have only encountered this in drama studios, what sort of classroom is it?

isittheholidaysyet Wed 24-May-17 09:04:05

I know it doesn't help with the major problem (over 30 kids in the room), but could you get one of those light boxes they use for seasonal affective disorder, at least you could get the benefit of it occasionally?

mistressiggi Wed 24-May-17 12:47:39

Have you said you don't want this? Spoken to union?

WelshMoth Wed 24-May-17 18:22:02

I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place tbh. If I complain, I'm going to be labelled as a 'moaner' and if they do find me a room, it will be separate from the rest of my Dept.

Checked out room today and there are vents which were created to pump hot air from the central heating when it gets cold in Winter. They are redundant in the winter and are
Not connected in anyway to aircon.

There isn't a projector or board in there so god knows how I'll teach. There's a small blackboard so it'll be totally back to basics.

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SleightOfHand Wed 24-May-17 18:25:26

This is what a lot of factories are like to work in, it's horrible.

Chottie Wed 24-May-17 18:27:31

A lot of call centres are like this too..........

Hulababy Wed 24-May-17 18:31:40

Are they at least planning to put a board and projector in?!

If there is no way you can have the room changed, maybe insist on several of those daylight type lights around the room. And request some form of air cooler, rather than just a fan.

Can you and your colleagues not alternate classes - so no one has it all the time? So just have all the rooms on your department timetable and switch between them. Just means no one has a specific base as such, but you could have mobile boxes with the key things you need in it?

Ladyvird135 Wed 24-May-17 18:34:51

This sounds Draconian! Surely they'll at least toss a flip chart board in there?! So be ready to complain if it truly gets too much. What are the other classrooms like? What do you teach? X

Hulababy Wed 24-May-17 18:40:20

But if really stuck and have to go windowless...

* greenery all around
* lots of nice things on the walls, maybe some large wall art or maybe even a mural
* air cooler and air purifier (thinking 30+ teens might be a tad smelly at times!)
* as much lighting as you can
* make a fake window - psychological may help - large mirror, frame over top, hand curtains, ass some form of scenery. Or you could see if you can get something like this: (DD has this in her study on one wall and it looks good in RL too) - there are various different ones

But I would def push for some form of projector!

Badbadbunny Wed 24-May-17 18:40:26

This is what a lot of factories are like to work in, it's horrible.

And offices. I've worked in basement offices for long periods of time. Not nice, but nothing you can do about it if the laws are adhered to (i.e. minimum temperatures, no harmful gases etc). There's no law saying you have to have natural light nor fresh air in your work place.

TheSnorkMaidenReturns Wed 24-May-17 18:44:02

Sounds horrible sad

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Wed 24-May-17 18:49:29

that's so unfair ...a whole school year?

They surely must be able to rota use of that room so everyone gets to share the misery

Can it be made into something else like a library ....that everyone uses but not on an everyday basis

Put the head teacher in there and commandeer their office...I bet they have windows!

Mistressiggi Wed 24-May-17 18:53:07

If I complain, I'm going to be labelled as a 'moaner'
I'm sorry but you're your own worst enemy then. The room is not fit for purpose - perhaps as an overflow room now and again, but not a permanent room. I wouldn't be happy for my dcs to be taught there never mind work there every day.
Saying no, I'm not happy with this, does not mark you out as a heinous troublemaker. If your department are bothered about you being apart from them, one of them can swap with you!

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