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Job, mortgage, childcare, agh!

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raspberrycreams Wed 17-May-17 23:29:02

New poster and this maybe super boring/trivial but I'm desperate for advice!

I currently have a lovely 0.4 PPA cover roll (after my return from mat leave) at the school I've been at for a long time.

Next year I would have to take a job share or leave as no more lovely PPA roles on offer. I would prefer by far to 'leave' but still work as supply for the school for a similar amount of days but much more flexibly, which would help enormous with settling my DS in to his first year at school.

This is all coming about at the same time as our mortgage is due to be sorted out. We can easily remortgage for a much lower rate and pay off a few debts meaning I can well afford the drop in salary that supply might bring.

HOWEVER... I'm due to hand in my notice next week at a similar time as the remortgage is getting sorted out. If the mortgage company contact my school after I've handed my notice in, could the potentially withdraw the mortgage offer as they'd be told my contract is ending in August? This would leave me with no secure job and no drop in monthly outgoings confused

Very thankful for any advice or similar experiences!

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