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DS was punched by another pupil

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AuditAngel Tue 16-May-17 23:04:46

So, on Wednesday last week DS was punched in the head by another pupil at school. DS is year 8, other boy year 7. DS says other boy started it, but does not deny mouthing off to him.

Am I being unreasonable to expect the school to have called me about this incident!

There have been previous altercations, mainly verbal. The other boy is a member of DD1's karate club, so I know he has behavioural issues.

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PaleAzureofSummer Wed 17-May-17 14:03:45

Do they know about it? Could you contact them?

noblegiraffe Wed 17-May-17 16:24:35

No, I don't think the school would have contacted you unless it was a serious fight that either teachers had intervened in, or that your DS had reported to a teacher. Minor scraps happen all the time.

If you think your DS is being bullied or there are issues between him and this other boy, then phone the school to discuss it.

AuditAngel Sun 21-May-17 23:28:35

They are award of it as a teacher intervened. He separated the boys. DS was sent for an ice pack and to complete an incident report. Other boy was interviewed by staff member that stopped the incident.

It isn't the first incident initiated by the boy

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ASauvingnonADay Sun 21-May-17 23:33:16

Wouldn't necessarily call for every incident between students, but would definitely have phoned for a punch in the head, especially if it needed an ice pack. Our policy is a call home for every head injury, no matter how small.

Doowrah Mon 22-May-17 13:18:06

My son was punched in Year 7 by a lad who was angry that he couldn't get the football off my son. The school didn't tell me, my son did.When I queried it the school explained what had happened and the lad was suspended from classes for a day and spent the day under some SLTs watch.

Foxsox Tue 23-May-17 19:53:31

I'd call you out of courtesy
Equally our first aider would recommend a call as our policy dictates any incident regarding the child's head be discussed with parents

Call the school

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