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Back part time after maternity

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Goodiegumdrops Mon 15-May-17 20:14:09

I came back off maternity to a new year group LKS2 in January. Before baby, I used to get into school at 7.30 (only lived round the corner) and leave just before 6. I did after school clubs, interventions at lunch -
sometimes after school too, had time to go through misconceptions, plan with my yr group partner, paper work, meetings, mark! and still have a relationship with my colleagues.

However, now I work part time and barely have time to focus. I get in at 8 (I don't live locally to school anymore) and have to leave no later than 4.45 to pick my son up. My time management is definitely much better but I feel isolated. I am lucky my yr group partner is efficient and picking up the slack of any paperwork I can't do as I'm not there or don't have time to do. She is very supportive but I feel so inadequate and have total imposter syndrome. I feel like I can't hack it anymore. Everyone seems to be doing extra work and I am just floundering.

My priorities have changed and I am disillusioned with teaching because of it, I think. I don't take marking home as I want to be home and plus I am too tired to do it. (Also 20 weeks pregnant!). I do planning at the weekend when my husband or family can take my son. What used to take no time working with a partner, bouncing ideas off each other, is now taking forever. (I plan maths and partner Lit).

I just feel lost coming back. They want me to return UKS2 in Sep - not common knowledge I am pregnant again - and I don't want to as I think I will struggle even more.

Think I just needed a feel sorry for myself moan. X

Smilingthru Tue 16-May-17 07:10:02

I can sympathise. Iv been back since January and feel similar. I don't have a class, just cover SLT, NQT etc but I lead PE. I can't get everything done and I don't have any planning or assessing to do!!! I literally get in at 7:45 work non stop and leave at 4:15. I can't remember the last time I went in the staff room or saw colleagues! It's ridiculous. And I have feeling in September I will be in a job share so will have planning, assessing, reports etc to do! Argh!!

I don't get PPA either as I'm only 0.4 so School prefer me to put a supply claim in for one day a month and take PPA at home which is near on impossible with a 14month old running around!

I did mention to the school business manager that I was finding it hard. Luckily my school is great so they are giving me half a day out of class this week to get some PE lead bits done. Can you mention to your SLT that your finding it hard? They may be able to give some time out of class or even help you manage your work load?

Sorry not much help but wanted you to know you're not alone! X

Goodiegumdrops Tue 16-May-17 20:57:36

Thanks @smilingthru it does make me feel better! grin
I didn't realise you weren't entitled to ppa if you are 0.4. I have to ask for extra if I am struggling but again, I feel out of my depths as another colleague was on maternity at the same time as me. Her child is two weeks older than mine and she seems to have everything in class and extra paperwork etc sorted.

I'm pleased your school is supportive though x

Don't blame you for not looking forward to reports! That will be ny half term work load instead of spending time with my son!

Mistressiggi Tue 16-May-17 22:27:30

I find having one day every few weeks when I can stay as late as I need to really helps. Just not to watch the clock. Can your dp (assuming you have one) not do the odd pick up? You are saving them a shed load of hassle by working part time.

Smilingthru Wed 17-May-17 08:21:23

Of course you're entitled to PPA!! Make sure you get it! Like I say I claim for a day at home a month but if I have loads to do which can only be done in school then I go in on one of my days off and claim for that too. My school prefer me to put a claim in as HT thinks to have me out of class when I'm only 0.4 isn't the best for the school and I'm happy as extra money each month!

I try to be as organised as I can and have learnt to say no to people. I'm a Welfare Officer as well (in house person to moan to!) and I just tell people my door is always open but if you are moaning for more than 2 mins then we need to "book a time" so I can work around it.

This term Iv also stopped doing emails in my days off. I was working nearly every day just doing emails but also giving the impression I was managing my workload in 0.4 when actually I wasn't.

My parents and sister do my childcare and DH also takes his days off on my work day (were very lucky) so if I need to stay late I just ring and it's all sorted. Iv probably stayed late about three times (as in left after 4:30).

Not sure if this helps but you're not alone!


Goodiegumdrops Thu 18-May-17 06:23:56

My husband works full time and my mum has condensed her hours so she can look after our son for one day a week (staff meeting day) and then he is with a child minder for the following two days. I also don't drive - idiot I know. Something I am looking in to now as I will struggle when I have two under two!

I do get ppa with ny yr partner and half a day for my coordination role once a term. But that's not really enough.

I think, I am just envious of people who are in the same/similar position as myself and are managing. Where as I am rushing around like a headless chicken.

cansu Thu 18-May-17 06:32:44

I think it is almost impossible to do the job without either taking some work home or staying late. I have always had to leave early for childcare so have slways taken work home. I usually do a bit when kids are in bed. I think suggestion of staying late on one day is your best option.

Smilingthru Thu 18-May-17 07:05:10

I get that. It's hard seeing other so on top and organised. I think my priorities have changed and I've learnt to accept that. I love teaching and on my days give it 110% but I love being a mum too and that will always come first to me. If I don't get a piece of paper work done, or a book marked I just don't worry anymore. Nothing major will happen as a result.

Try and set yourself with a routine from the start. Set a leaving time and stick to it. Stay late on the day your mum has your LO? Work at home when kids are you in bed but set a finish time so you're not exhausted.


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