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Won't cope full time

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Alphvet Sun 14-May-17 16:43:53

I'm going from part to full time at a different school, which I'm really looking forward to. I have 2 kids who'll be in primary.
Since announcing the news my boss has being saying I won't cope full time, it will be too hard.
He is saying this as I am a woman and also a parent. He has also being saying this to other members of staff about me.
Thoughts? And has anyone experienced similar?

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Alphvet Sun 14-May-17 16:44:48

I will note that I have done nothing in the ten years where I am which would suggest I couldn't cope. Minimal time off etc

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PurpleDaisies Sun 14-May-17 16:47:36

Has he actually said you won't cope with full time because you're a woman and parent or are you inferring that? Who did he say it to? I'd be livid.

I'm guessing you're leaving though. I'd talk to the head about his unacceptable comments.

PurpleDaisies Sun 14-May-17 16:48:07

Does he seriously have no full time femals colleagues?

Alphvet Sun 14-May-17 16:50:12

Another colleague , male with kids is moving job and he hasn't said anything to him. He has not said the words "it's because you're a woman" but he keeps referring to his wife and how she would y cope full time. He said to a colleague about me "full time with two kids, bad idea".

I'm not one to get over sensitive but I'm sure he wouldn't be saying this to me if I didn't have children and also if I was a man (he is a father of 3)

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Alphvet Sun 14-May-17 16:51:39

All bar one of the parents in my Dep are either part time or men.
Not many parents in the department actually

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Alphvet Sun 14-May-17 16:52:50

This has been happening last week and I've done my best to ignore it. I'm not one to complain although I am livid. I suppose I should write down everything he has said and keep a log and see if this continues

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BobbinThreadbare123 Sun 14-May-17 16:56:51

Tell him to fuck off. Probably in a polite sort of way. He has a problem and his attention needs drawing to it, stat.

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