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lesson observations and confidentiality

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mumnosbest Thu 11-May-17 23:15:16

i always understood that any feedback from a lesson observation was confidential and guidelines on observation protocol seem to say this too... so was my head wrong to report back all teacher's overall scores and feedback (strengths and areas for improvement) to all teaching staff?

CandODad Fri 12-May-17 00:35:46

Depends how it's worded and if you all consented. For example we have just been told we will have several areas peer reviewed to form an overall profile of ourselves and these will be discussed in a school meeting.

Although anything serious or questionable or serious I would hope would remain confidential.

mumnosbest Fri 12-May-17 10:14:10

The first we heard about it was when we all received the email. The info is directly related to lesson obs and work scrutinies so, judgements on differentiation, pace of lesson, use of support, behaviour management etc and we've all been graded for each area. Not sure how direct comparisons between staff are helpful

CandODad Fri 12-May-17 18:49:23

It's a bought in or self made grading then because those who shall not be named (if I say it they may ring Monday at 11:59) don't do individual grading any more.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 12-May-17 18:50:56

I would think that this is absolutely not okay on any level, and I say that as a senior leader.

mumnosbest Fri 12-May-17 23:28:57

It is a 1-3 rating based on the old grading of those who shall not be named. Apparently it's only advisory that observation feedback remains confidential, not legally. Although at a stretch he has breached section 1 of the data protection act, sharing opinions on a person which could have consequences.
Best advice is to approach the head as a group but that's unlikely to happen.

WhyNotDuckie Sat 13-May-17 16:49:03

As a Head of Department, the only time I would possibly do this is if each member of the team was outstanding. So I would definitely celebrate successes publicly, but not ever name and shame if observations hadn't gone well. I would also talk generally about themes I had seen, e.g. "everyone's maths planning was good but I think phonics planning in general could be better so I'm arranging training in aspects x, y and z."

Teatimebear Sat 13-May-17 20:22:58

Frankly no matter the circumstances I'd be horrified! Ours are confidential to most staff although open to SLT. Can you imagine any other organisation where they would share details of staff appraisals with everyone? My school were very conscious even to hunt me down to put them in my hand, despite the fact they could have left them on my desk, just to keep it confidential (and it went well, so they weren't embarrassed about it!)

mumnosbest Sat 13-May-17 23:53:59

Thanks for all your comments. I can't imagine the purpose of this and other members of staff feel the same way. I'm tempted to bring the subject up at our next staff meeting under AOB. Any suggestions on how to broach it without looking like a trouble -friday?

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