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Going back after a long gap. Advice please

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ILoveDolly Tue 09-May-17 21:18:01

I completed my PGCE 7 years ago when my 1st child was 3. I was prevented from doing my NQT straight away as I fell pregnant during my last term of study. After this, health problems, a medical problem with 2nd child, a house move and then a third child have meant that I have concentrated on doing other work that was much more flexible (basically I've been self employed in a non education role).
Anyway. My children are all school age and a recent voluntary job at their school has shown me that I really still do have a desire to be in school.
Is it madness to try and get employment as an NQT (I don't know if I could manage the workload with three children)?
Would it just be smarter to get a TA post?

SquidgeyMidgey Wed 10-May-17 19:36:36

Last September I returned after 11 years out. I worked as a ta for the three years previously. Being in school as a ta is a world apart, it really is. My teaching contract is 3 days/week but I work 5 days and evenings.

ILoveDolly Wed 10-May-17 23:01:12

Thanks for your response. I know the jobs are very different, I want to teach but I'm just not sure I can manage the workload at the moment

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