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Those bloody fidget spinners!!

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LornaD40 Sun 07-May-17 10:00:00

Have officially been banned in lessons now at our school. Had several end up on my desk on Friday. Now I understand why the kids love them. It is impossible to put them down!! I know they're supposed to help concentration but, I barely got anything done for constantly spinning it between my fingers (and nor did my poor colleagues due to the constant whirring). I'm hoping they'll get bored soon...

TSSDNCOP Sun 07-May-17 10:05:37

It's this years loom band Lorna how many colours have you got grin

finx14 Sun 07-May-17 10:32:03

Bain of our life in class. I collect them in at the start of the day and they get them back at the end. Any who say they've been given them for concentration I ask to see the letter from their GP lol x

LornaD40 Mon 08-May-17 06:35:46


nonsparkle Mon 08-May-17 06:42:00

I'm no teacher but I hate them. My partners nephew has one and bought it over to his grans when we all went for lunch. All I could hear was whirring and it peed me right off. Next time I won't be so tolerant!

MrsGuyOfGisbo Mon 08-May-17 18:33:48

Confiscated a lovely one today, shiny metal - titanium? They are banned completely in school - permanent confiscation if seen, in or out of lessons. Had a go with it myself ( out of sight of kids). Can see why they like them...

Lidlfix Mon 08-May-17 20:10:54

I am thinking of borrowing a hammer and goggles from Tech and having a very public smashing of one which I will have purchased and planted on the sly.

I teach secondary- the bottle flip, dabbing just dads but this craze bothers me.

I worry about the potential dependency it creates and also fear they could become stigmatised for those who genuinely need them as "just playing " crew have had them confiscated .

OneOfTheGrundys Mon 08-May-17 20:15:55

I work in alternative provision and I'd seen a bunch of fiddle toys used before the spinners came along. What I'm saying is I'd not seen them used by children who really benefit from them until this craze began. Tangles and cubes yes but never the spinners. This too will pass!

elephantoverthehill Mon 08-May-17 20:30:29

Me, every KS 3 lesson ad nauseum 'Put the spinner away, it is not helping you concentrate, it is distracting you'. And then 'Give me the spinner, you can have it at the end of the lesson'. 12 was my last haul.

FlouncingInTheRain Mon 08-May-17 20:34:55

DS1 is autistic and cant stand them. He's asked school to ban them. The whiring is very distracting and the flashing led ones seam to upset him even more.

He had to leave a lesson today because he got so distraught by all the whirring. He is in a provision in mainstream but stuff like this excludes him.

YoniFucker Mon 08-May-17 21:16:49

My son asked for one this weekend. I told him 'no chance'.

'But mu-uuuum, they help you concentrate'

Er, no. Just no.

Loopsdefruits Mon 08-May-17 21:44:05

I hope you guys don't mind me asking, I'm not a teacher, just a uni student. But I've recently been told that I might have ADD, do you think fidget toys can be useful or are they a distraction even for ADD kids? I've definitely seen the 'craze' online, and I can imagine that if everyone in the class has one then they definitely become a problem

elephantoverthehill Mon 08-May-17 21:59:25

Loops blutack is good and doesn't cause any distraction.

Loopsdefruits Mon 08-May-17 22:29:55

Ooh!! And it's so cheap :D

OhWhatFuckeryIsThisNow Mon 08-May-17 22:41:19

Until the student makes an army of blu tak soldiers all over his desk.
Spinners though. 😡
Put that away.
Ive got adhd.
You'll have a note from mr senco then.
No, I'll go now.
No, lunchtime.
But I need to Have something in my hands to do.
The irony that we were in a practical tech class seemed to be lost on him.

LornaD40 Mon 08-May-17 22:45:09

At least you have blu-tack soldiers.. we have blu-tak... penises!!

Jeffjefftyjeff Mon 08-May-17 22:51:56

Ds asked what 'fad' meant yesterday. I explained. He immediately said 'oh, like fidget spinners?'. I was silently thinking 'even you can see it's a pointless temporary craze! And still you beg for them!!!'

elephantoverthehill Mon 08-May-17 22:53:20

In fairness I was replying to Loops, a Uni student about blutack. Loops when you have recreated a model of the London Underground in blutack during a lecture can you post a photo grin.

NoCapes Mon 08-May-17 22:55:27

I'm not a teacher but I confiscated DS's tonight when he couldn't eat his dinner and spin the fucker at the same time hmm - I can't put it down! Argh!!

Loopsdefruits Mon 08-May-17 22:59:02

I made a rose out of blutack once! It wasn't bad :P but I didn't do it in class, I just need something to stop me zoning out and not having a clue what the seminar leader just said. I'm hoping that the assessment will lead to some meds :/

YoniFucker Mon 08-May-17 23:01:35

Isn't the blue tack just supposed to be a small amount to 'fiddle' with, not to create masterpieces? The kids at our school who are allowed it aren't allowed enough to actually do anything with iyswim.

Effic Mon 08-May-17 23:11:59

....but at least they've killed the 'bottle flip & dab' combination which drives me potty!! Can flip with a spinner between your fingers 😄

marcopront Tue 09-May-17 19:17:04

Have you seen this?

OvariesForgotHerPassword Tue 09-May-17 19:19:32

Loops I think cubes are much better than spinners. I build stuff out of blu tak when I have it grin

LindyHemming Tue 09-May-17 20:38:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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