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What would your dream role be and why are you not in it?

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Lowdoorinthewal1 Sun 09-Apr-17 11:01:28

I would like to be DeputyH, with responsibility for education and curriculum, in a primary SEMH/ autism special school. It would be a really forward thinking school, involved in research and in/outreach.

I'm not in it because I live in a large county with NO state special school primary provision for SEMH. shock The closest ones are at least 90 mins away and I can't commute because of family commitments.

samlovesdilys Sun 09-Apr-17 22:16:29

In my dream world....I would like to advise the government on education and teacher training...I know it would be a novelty, having some one talking about education who actually WORKS in education but having been SOO disappointed and disheartened by education minister after education minister...surely I could say something of worth??!!!
Alternatively, I quite fancy working in John Lewis...that looks like it would be nice and I would get a discount!!!

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