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Difficult behaviour

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SmokyDepths Mon 27-Mar-17 19:03:24

I'm currently working as a 1:1 with a child who has DS. He can be physical when angry/misunderstands a situation. He has limited verbal skills and I'm sure this is where most of the frustration comes from, however he also picks and chooses who he'd like to follow instructions for such as class teacher/TA. I'm really struggling at the moment to cope with the intensity and being frustrated by the child not listening to me, but being perfectly happy to do it for someone else. Apparently it's not personal, it happened with a previous 1:1 and it's just how he behaves but it just feels like I'm no good at my job. I can't afford to go PT and there are no positions I could do around this work due to childcare restrictions. Any advice welcomed. Thank you for reading flowers

Boiled7Up Mon 27-Mar-17 19:42:09

It is so easy to give advice, it is so much harder to do it day in and day out. You've got a tough shift and it's totally okay to admit to that!

I'm taking it for granted that you're using the usual visuals etc. Be strict and consistent. If he has something he values, use it as a motivator.

A good approach I've forgotten the name of is using two boxes. Put his photograph on one and yours on another. Split toys or games between the two boxes- so you get the ball in your box, he gets the skittles. The idea is that you put different toys in every day/ couple of days and you build up a relationship together. It sounds small, but ime it works.

Remember also that children push the boundaries of the ones closest to them!

You should be involved in his home-school communication as well, as a 1-1. Let his family know about his escapades.

Good luck. Hope I wasn't teaching my granny to suck eggs.

SmokyDepths Mon 27-Mar-17 20:01:30

Thank you! Yes we're using all the usual visuals, first/next board, choice board, visual cue cards, makaton symbol cards etc! I'm always strict and consistent etc. The box idea sounds great although he has limited understanding at the moment but I think over time he would be able to use this!

Home life is just as turbulent as in school. Only difference is parents can and do restrain/force him to do whatever they want to do. We have no motivator for him to behave as he Currently runs away if he doesn't want to do anything. He's very strong willed! At the end of my tether, hate saying that as I really love my job. He is such a lovely little boy, just also happens to be very complex!

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