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Term tests and SATs results

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allmixedupreally Thu 16-Feb-17 16:20:47

Advice please

I know curriculum and SATs boundaries have changed but just looking for a rough guide really.

Is it possible to roughly estimate the level a child could achieve at Year 6 SATS based on yr 4 and 5 assessments. for example if DD yr 4 is consistently achieving approx 80% at English tests and 90% at Maths since yr 3 and this pattern continues, would that equate to a 4 in English and 5 in maths ?
Thank you

oneisoneandallalone Thu 16-Feb-17 18:23:48

There are no such things as levels anymore. After the SATs, a child will have met the expected standard or not met the expected standard.
On a scaled score, marks on the test give a score from 80 to 120. The average will be 100. 99 and below will be has not met, 100+ will be has met.
As a very rough guide, 55% on a test may achieve the expected standard. A child scoring 80+% in practice tests may be teacher assessed as working at greater depth but the SATs results will be met or not met.

allmixedupreally Thu 16-Feb-17 21:07:24

Ok thank you that's helpful

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