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Notanotherpawpatrol Sat 04-Feb-17 20:23:37

I don't quite know is where to start, but dd2 was sent to hospital on Tuesday evening by the GP, the hospital ambulanced her to a big children's hospital that isn't far away. It was a very stressful evening and when we finally got the news that she didn't have meningitis (at 3am on Wednesday morning) it was a huge relief!
Suddenly I was able to go into practical mode and sort out dd1 and DS.
I emailed the head and explained what was going on with dd2 (in reception) and said I wasn't sure if dd1 would be in school the next day as it had been a long and stressful night and I wasn't sure if anyone would think or be able to take her.
Cut a long story short, head came and picked her up for school, has emailed a few times for updates and to send her well wishes etc.
Dd2 has finally turned a corner in her illness and we're hopeful tomorrow she will be going home and my attention is turning again to the practical stuff. There's a huge back story with the head, dd2 has ASD and head is also the senco, she's worked hard to integrate her to the school and worked hard on her EHCP (which was turned down hmm)
Anyway, she has been absolutely amazing and always goes above and beyond. She really didn't need to pick up dd1 for school, but it was a huge help.
I want to get a thank you gift, I've bought wine in the past but don't know if that's the best? What would you like as a thank you gift?

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padkin Sat 04-Feb-17 20:53:14

So glad that your DD2 is coming home. What a horrible stressful time, and what a great Head. I think wine is always appreciated, if you know a teacher drinks it. There's nothing like finishing up work for the evening knowing you can put up your feet for a bit, watch crap TV to switch off and have lovely glass of wine.

Best wishes for the next few days flowers

isthistoonosy Sat 04-Feb-17 20:57:47

Assuming you know she drinks I'd get champagne / nice sparkling wine and a card to.say thankyou.

teacher54321 Sat 04-Feb-17 21:00:00

Aw that's a lovely story! I think a card and a bottle of wine or bunch of flowers would go down a treat. glad that your DD is on the mend smile

Curioushorse Sat 04-Feb-17 21:01:44

Wine is always best!

bastedyoungturkey Sat 04-Feb-17 21:02:46

Words mean more than anything else in this job. (Not that I'm a head, but work in school)

Write a card with a heartfelt message about how the head went over and above and how it made a difference in a difficult time.

Perhaps flowers, wine etc if you think you need to but kind words will ensure that they know you appreciate them.

toobusytothink Sat 04-Feb-17 21:14:56

As a teacher and knowing my HM a handwritten card would mean more than anything. Honestly when I get a lovely email/note it is the best feeling in the world!

ImperialBlether Sat 04-Feb-17 21:18:54

I think she will have been much happier for being able to help in such a distressing situation. A bottle of wine would be lovely, but I'm sure it's not necessary.

So glad your daughter's on the mend - how worrying that must have been.

Notanotherpawpatrol Sat 04-Feb-17 23:17:55

Thanks all, it's been really stressful, I haven't left the hospital since I've only seen my other 2 for about an hour when they came to visit, but ds (2 years old) was too excited and dd2 was too ill so we've kept them away since. Dd2 is doing so much better and we can continue medicine at home. I just want to get out of here now and be at home with all my kids! Not to mention the fact I'm 30 weeks pregnant and these beds are so uncomfortable, up until now it's just been auto pilot and doing what needs to be done, but now I want to get home!
Thanks for the advice. I think a card and some wine will be sorted for Monday. She definitely drinks, it's called teachers lemonade 😂

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atheistmantis Sun 05-Feb-17 11:14:37

Also write to the chair of governors and say how pleased you were

youarenotkiddingme Sun 05-Feb-17 11:19:01

Yes words mean so much. But also informing the people above them what great service attitude and care they given and recognising they've gone over and above.
In this case it's the governors.

But I'm sure delivered with a bottle of the best teachers lemonade won't be turned down wink

So glad your DD is on the mend. Don't forget to look after yourself too. It's amazing how tired you feel once you've stopped surviving on adrenaline. flowers

Notanotherpawpatrol Sun 05-Feb-17 12:51:15

I'm not sure I can write to the chair, my husband is an invited co-opted governor. That might look alittle weird? I might just sign it from me rather than both of us?

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