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Whyarentthere25hoursinaday Sat 04-Feb-17 12:36:00

Anyone used this site? (International school review)
Is it really useful or just full of people moaning?
If anyone has a way I can have a sneaky peak I would be very grateful. Thank you

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Flurries Sun 12-Feb-17 17:28:18

International school teacher here.

It is tricky....I would say there are two types of posters on ISR.....people with a massive axe to grind, and school plants :-)

I wouldn't trust it much. Better to speak to real people - if you are on Facebook you can join one of the many International teachers groups - people are always willing to share a story.

marcopront Mon 13-Feb-17 14:13:20

I agree with flurries, it is hard to believe some of the reviews.
Lots of Facebook groups are available and because you know who is giving the information, I think it is more reliable.

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