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Primary school library revamp - any librarians able to give me some ideas?

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Ihatecobwebs Thu 02-Feb-17 23:30:38

I am a parent volunteer helping to "revamp" the school library. Its a small primary school <100 pupils age 4 - 11, the library is in a main thoroughfare - there is no where else in the building for it.

Any suggestions which have helped increase the profile, usage and child enjoyment of reading and the library?

We're going to introduce book reviews - any one can complete a form about a book they have enjoyed - what the book is and why they liked it. A selection of these will go on the wall - along with an arrow pointing to the book on display, which can be borrowed. Once the book has been borrowed, another one takes its place.

Fiction is going to be coded by genre (eg by a certain colour sticky dot), to encourage children to try new authors.

Non-fiction will be classified by DDC (keeping the broad colour code system currently in place as well), and a subject catalogue created.

I need some more ideas - can anyone tell me what has worked for them?


Astro55 Thu 02-Feb-17 23:37:38

Research shows boys are more likely to read if they have their own areas - just for boys books -

Ask children to donate a wrapped book - they include a sticker as to why someone should read it -

Ask the school to sponsor a buddy challenge - year 4 listen to year 2 read

Add cushions etc as a seating area if possible

Bright colors

Theme - Harry Potter - have witches hats and poisons etc dotted round

Make it change - make them look !!

Astro55 Thu 02-Feb-17 23:38:47

Sorry wrapped books to be given as gifts? Maybe on a child's birthday they can pick a wrapped book?

Astro55 Thu 02-Feb-17 23:39:42

Also - the library should have something the kids need to collect - old stamps - magazine token - old batteries - something they have to visit the library for

iamapixiebutnotaniceone Thu 02-Feb-17 23:56:46

I remember being library monitor regularly at primary school as a reward for good work in classes. It's probably my favourite thing about primary school! Ours had an art group that was held there too, the projects were either centred around historical stories that we had to find the information we needed to do the project or around a particular fiction story that was read as a group.
You could do a reading challenge similar to the ones in local libraries. Read and review so many books per term for an award in assembly - that sort of thing x

Ihatecobwebs Fri 03-Feb-17 00:22:58

Thanks for the ideas.

Re boys area - there is a rotating bookstack for fiction - I'm intending to set it up by author's aimed at the older children - hoping to catch some eyes and interest (and make it easier for the more impatient to pick a book).

We have bright cushions and stools, but at lunchtime the children appear to be actively discouraged from staying in the library and reading, it appears that they are expected to change their book quickly and go outside. I need to talk to staff/lunch time supervisors to find the truth and reasons. I was in the library this afternoon, and during lessons it seems to be a go to library, change book, go back to class system.

Bright colours - I have permission to change the wall displays - so will try to make them informative, eg include "how to borrow a book, use the library, things linked to the current "term topic" (whole school studies around one topic each 1/2 term), and things children will be encouraged to produce.

Themes - will be linked to current "term topic" (if we have books on the subject!)

Everyone goes through the library several times a day, which is why I want some visuals to attract their interest, as I think they've gone "blind" to the library and just walk past on their way to somewhere.

I'm useless at diagrams, but think a square just beyond the entrance hall, with three of the corners being doors or corridor accesses, all library stuff along the walls, and just one corner. They go through to get to classes, loos, the hall ... We can't have any "groups" there as we would cause an obstruction.

Will talk to staff about "wrapped books".

They have 8 librarians, from years 5 and 6. They each do library duty for 1/2 hour per week at lunchtime, with one person doing duty on two days. I've arranged with the staff for them also to work on library projects for 1/2 hour per week during one afternoon. Not sure whether this will be seen as a "reward" or not!

Reading challenges are already undertaken in each class, so can't steal that idea.

einalem1984 Thu 09-Feb-17 22:17:07

Hi, I'm in charge of the library at my primary school. Have you looked on Pinterest as there's lots of display ideas on there. I got funding from PTA for new books and asked the children which books they'd like us to buy- Minecraft, Lego were very popular. We have school librarians- 1 child from every class who each have a badge and help look after the books and use the computer to scan out and return books. smile

HighMountain Sun 12-Feb-17 22:54:18

Does anyone know of a free site to print off classification stickers (sport / languages / science) type. Also, how do you classify fiction. Currently it is done by spine colour, so looks like a pretty rainbow but impossible to find books.

einalem1984 Tue 14-Feb-17 05:31:55

Twinkle has some free resources printable for libraries

peukpokicuzo Tue 14-Feb-17 05:49:04

Research shows boys are more likely to read if they have their own areas - just for boys books

And I wonder whether the research has been done to find out how much negative impact there is on the girls whose school library uses such a system, sending them a clear message that action and adventure books are labelled as being for people lucky enough to have a penis. or does the research not need doing because it doesn't matter if something is detrimental to girls, because the boys are more important?

Our school library was recently refurbished and includes a secret reading nook - a tiny area blocked off by a sliding bookcase, with a big beanbag to lounge on. The kids can earn the privilege of being allowed to sequester themselves in the nook by demonstrating their reading efforts. They all absolutely love it.

sashh Fri 17-Feb-17 06:58:56

I saw an american classroom with one of those top bunk only bunks (not sure on health and safety of this) used as a high level reading den.

similar to this

intheairthatnightfernando Fri 17-Feb-17 07:10:37

Must admit, I did a double take too at just-for-boys section. Why on earth would we remove girls' access to certain books??

SavoyCabbage Fri 17-Feb-17 07:11:47

Who is discouraging them to stay in the library at lunchtimes? I would have thought that would be the best time for them to get reading.

I've two girls and neither of them read those rainbow fairy books or books of that ilk. They read Beast Quest and marvel comics. I'd have been annoyed if their school had steered them away from what they wanted to read because of the contents of their underwear.

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