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Languages plan/ does this sound about right.

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gillybeanz Sun 29-Jan-17 19:32:39

My dd is hopefully going to take German and French GCSE, if time table permits, so not a definite yet, takes options this year Y8.

She wants to do Italian on her own, as a boarder we can't just find her a tutor for after school. She completed KS2 topics in Italian during junior with a tutor.

Her plan is to study with one of the online sits like Duo lingo or another one I forget now grin, and I suggested she took the list of topics used for other languages at KS3 and studied these.
Does this make sense?
Then obviously following the syllabus for GCSE when completed KS3 topics.
Unless I'm mistaken the topics are the same for all MFL at KS3.
Can anyone recommend the best online course for GCSE when she has completed the basics.
Tia thanks

gillybeanz Mon 30-Jan-17 20:41:34

anybody help? or advice.

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