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MFL teachers- which revision websites do you recommend to your pupils?

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Howaboutthisone Sun 29-Jan-17 14:19:05

I'm feeling a bit stale and stagnant and could do with some new inspiration!
Which websites do you recommend to your pupils for revision?
Also- which websites and apps do you find useful and engaging with your classes?
I've been in the same dept for many years now and have now taken over as HoD but I need some inspiration. I'm in the middle of overhauling everything a bit at a time and this is definitely an area I need to work on.
Any recommendations/tips gratefully received!

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Howaboutthisone Sun 29-Jan-17 20:50:32

Anyone? Or maybe you're all being good and focusing on marking instead of being on mn!

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Helbelle75 Sun 29-Jan-17 21:37:14

I use memrise with ks4 for vocabulary learning.
Textivate with ks3.

WyfOfBathe Sun 29-Jan-17 23:35:43

For revision:
Languages Online
PB Works for KS3/GCSE
GCSE Bitesize

In class:

Howaboutthisone Mon 30-Jan-17 21:31:45

Thank you for these. I'll look into them.

Any more suggestions please?

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Howaboutthisone Tue 31-Jan-17 22:02:46

How do you use Memrise with your pupils? Do you create a group and share course or something along those lines?

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FithColumnist Tue 31-Jan-17 22:16:33

I'm a French specialist, and seem to be leading on KS4. These are the websites I recommend to my students for revision (current Y11):

Listening (Foundation/Higher) (Foundation/Higher) (Foundation/Higher) (Foundation/Higher) (Higher – this is particularly appropriate for those aspiring to A level French!)

Reading (Higher)

(If you’re looking for some authentic colloquial French writing, which isn’t too difficult to comprehend: try )

Vocabulary (Foundation/Higher) (Higher)

Most of these I've taken from Steve Smith (of fame)'s recommendations. For my particularly able pupils I also recommend which is pretty cool. For reading, there's also , which for Y10 and Y9 is actually worth getting a subscription to and culling mercilessly for resources (authentic texts!).

If you want websites for teachers to make use of (particularly with the new spec), I have a few more worth sharing.

Rickandmorty Tue 31-Jan-17 22:18:05

I use memrise a lot.
Also if you have any money we use thisislanguage, which is really fantastic and I would seriously recommend it.

Howaboutthisone Tue 31-Jan-17 22:38:38

Thank you thank you!

I'd love recommendations for teachers use too please! Thanks!

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70ontheinside Wed 01-Feb-17 19:08:44

Which books do you use? Activelearn (Studio) is good for revision and setting homework.

I second memrise, absolutely love it, kids think it's fun and it really boosts results.

Howaboutthisone Wed 01-Feb-17 21:05:33

For memrise do I need to create an account then invite the pupils to use it somehow?

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Howaboutthisone Wed 01-Feb-17 21:07:45

We don't use a coursebook for KS4 but use Allez kerboodle for KS3. For KS4 it's a mixture of exercises from different books/our own stuff but I want to find a new approach so these suggestions are so helpful. Thank you!

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70ontheinside Wed 01-Feb-17 21:34:10

I much prefer activeteach to kerboodle, much more user friendly (for students and teachers) and the content just seems so much more engaging.

On memrise you have to make your own account and then either start learning courses that others have made or make your own. Once you learn a course you can assign it to a group you have created. You can send students a link through memrise or via SMHW, they then create their own account.

Make them choose a sensible name that you recognise (!). Mine love looking at the scoreboards in class and getting rewards. I see a direct correlation between high scores on memrise and exam performance.

Howaboutthisone Wed 01-Feb-17 21:43:06

I'll have a look at activeteach thanks! I might be being dim- what was the other way of inviting them with the four letters? Do you follow a course generally or create your own and is it easy to create your own?
Thanks for taking the time to reply!

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70ontheinside Wed 01-Feb-17 21:50:07

You can copy and paste the link into Show my Homework (SMHW).

I find that most of what I want already exists, although searching can be a bit tedious.
Setting up your own courses is not complicated, but can take time.
I am convinced that my 6th formers learn more when they set up the course wink

Howaboutthisone Wed 01-Feb-17 22:23:20

I'd never even heard of SMHW- another one for research! I think I know what I'm going to be doing over half term!

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FithColumnist Thu 02-Feb-17 17:55:02

Studio + ActiveTeach is amazing- utterly love it. Great textbook, brilliant interface. I'm even using it as listening and reading practice with Y11 at the moment. I'm less impressed with Kerboodle. I like Allez (particularly Allez 2), but the Zoom series for Spanish and German is rather inferior. And Kerboodle is the least user-friendly platform I've used.

70ontheinside Thu 02-Feb-17 18:24:07

Show My Homework is a school wide Homework platform or whatever you call that. Every teacher puts on all of their homework for every class. Students and parents can easily see what is due when. It has some other snazzy features like self marking quizzes (yay!).

Where are you? I haven't come across a school that doesn't use it in a while.

Howaboutthisone Thu 02-Feb-17 20:19:10

I'm in Wales. There are a few schools that all seem to be using different things. I'm hoping to have a look at all of these things over the weekend and will chat to our IT people about them.
I'm only now in a position to start to overhaul things and it feels like we're in the dark ages still! So these suggestions and explanations are a Godsend-thank you!

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Howaboutthisone Sat 04-Feb-17 14:05:46

I've looked at memrise now and I love it! Thank you! Off to look at the others!

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IWishMyArseWouldBrexit Sat 04-Feb-17 16:33:09

Marking place.

Whynotnowbaby Wed 08-Feb-17 20:05:19

We don't use smhw either! (East Midlands) love all the above and would add fun with languages website (especially for German) on my phone so can't link but if fun with languages doesn't find it google Sutton High German. Loads of amazing stuff (other languages there too)

Janek Mon 27-Feb-17 11:35:11

I have just created two courses on memrise for my year 10s - i really like it. thanks to pp who suggested it!

Howaboutthisone Wed 01-Mar-17 22:09:24

Yes- thanks so much for all of the suggestions. Memrise is proving very popular with my pupils and I love that you can track whether they're actually using it!

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Janek Thu 02-Mar-17 16:34:00

Did yours struggle with getting on to your "group' from the app? We downloaded the app in the lesson on Wed and only a couple of them managed to actually join - i have told them to do it on a pc, but it seems to be a bit of a design flaw...

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