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How many staff on this?

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pickymum1233456 Thu 19-Jan-17 21:56:25

Can someone please tell me how many adults you'd expect in a trip to capital with 30 yr5s . Travelling by coach to museums and galleries.
Trying to decide if I'm being overprotective or not!

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samlovesdilys Thu 19-Jan-17 22:14:01

Secondary ratio is 1:10, less for some activities...primary may be less...

pasbeaucoupdegendarme Thu 19-Jan-17 22:16:43

I've done trips like this with yr 1/2 with 2 teachers, 1 ta and 2 parent helpers. We were travelling on train and underground and had 30 pupils.

LockingJay Thu 19-Jan-17 22:19:15

There are strict ratios that school must enforce. 1:6 in Year 1/2

Luckster Thu 19-Jan-17 22:28:02

Ratio is dependent upon the school policy. I took my yr2 class to London last week - 24 children and 4 adults. It was more than enough.

TheFallenMadonna Thu 19-Jan-17 22:35:10

There are guidelines only. 1 adult for 10 to 15 pupils for that age I think. But a risk assessmento should be done taking count the activities, locations and the pupils, so that may require more staff.

pickymum1233456 Thu 19-Jan-17 22:37:43

Ok thank you, maybe I am but I think 3 poss 4 adults for 30 kids including several shall we say tricky individuals seems a bit tight to me.

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RubyJack Thu 19-Jan-17 22:39:21

I would have groups of 6,plus extra adult without group to deal with any emergencies.

pieceofpurplesky Thu 19-Jan-17 22:41:54

I thought it was 1/6 in year R/1/2 too.

I would overstaff for sure. At least one adult per 5 children. It really depends what you are doing though

TheFallenMadonna Thu 19-Jan-17 22:42:39

OP says year 5.

pickymum1233456 Thu 19-Jan-17 22:45:03

Yes yr 5 so 9/10yrs old.
Ruby I was thinking more like 5/6 adults.

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Luckster Thu 19-Jan-17 22:46:21

It doesn't have to be 1:6 in yr 1/2. There are no legal requirements except for the lead adult to do a risk assessment which should include thought put in regarding the ratio for that particular trip.

I'd say 4 adults for 30 in yr5 is fine for a trip like that. I'm sure class teacher would take into account any tricky kids and has risk assessed against any behaviour issues.

Potcallingkettle Thu 19-Jan-17 22:50:38

Guidelines used to be 1:8 for this age group. They have since changed to assess the risk of the activity and the competence of the adults involved. So each group would be different according to need. Are the adults teachers and TAs? If so, I'd say they have it covered. If it is a teacher and a couple of parents, that will not be enough.

Potcallingkettle Thu 19-Jan-17 23:00:04

Actually rereading OP says coach plus museum and gallery. In that case, it is much like being in a classroom if the plan is to keep the group together. 3-4 adults fine. Remember the head teacher will not sign off on the risk assessment if they are concerned.

RubyJack Thu 19-Jan-17 23:05:57

Yes,five or six adults...that's what I would do anyway.

bloodyteenagers Thu 19-Jan-17 23:26:55

When I do risk assessments I consider the trip -how we are getting there and where we are going. So from school on to coach, travel to museum off coach round
Museum with museum staff and workshop. So 30 kids. 4 adults would seem feasible.
Then I look at the group going - any additional needs, any of the group require a 1-2-1, any other needs.
Adults going - who are they? Mix of staff and volunteers- any have medical needs which also need to be noted.
Ensure one adult is a qualified first aider.

So there's no simple answer to say how many adults on a group of 30 .

breakfastnotattiffanys Sat 21-Jan-17 15:27:15

Our LA policy suggests 1 to 10/15 with KS 2 children so it could be a minimum of 2 in this case and still be in ratio, depending on venue etc

RandomDent Sat 21-Jan-17 18:10:29

I would take six for a standard group, maybe one or two more for "tricky individuals", as you put it. grin. But that's my personal level of comfort/risk. If nothing else it gives the children more freedom to split into smaller groups and view what they are interested in rather than being herded around.

bangingmyheadoffabrickwall Sun 22-Jan-17 08:31:18

Our school has a 1:6 ratio in KS1 and a 1:8 ratio in Key Stage 2.

When a year group has children who pose a flight/behavioural/medical need risk then that child gets a 1:1 and the rest of the year group is then divided into the 1:8 ratio groups.

bangingmyheadoffabrickwall Sun 22-Jan-17 08:32:24

I went to a library with my KS1 class and we had 30 children so 6 adults and 1 child had a 1:1 somone group had 1 adult to 5 children. IYKWIM.

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