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matildathe1st Tue 03-Jan-17 23:02:24

Can anyone tell me if bringing a grievance against your head teacher is possible whilst still working at the school?

I should have done this a few years back when union encouraged me but hind-sight is a wonderful thing!

I am not sure of the process and what would happen regarding working together under the same roof and 'them' being my line manager.

Would one or both of us be removed from our post? (suspension)
Would the head teacher not be allowed to convene a meeting of any sort with me without another person such as a school union rep being present?
Would I have to be on sick leave in order to do this?
How long does it take?
Generally, if you have had any experience, what are the outcomes of grievances?

Huge back story and I am really sorry that I may have to drip feed and not be able to answer any questions as I am afraid this will reveal my ID.

I am a lurker but have only joined today to post this!

CandODad Wed 04-Jan-17 21:11:31

School policy where I was a governor is that a complaint about the Head had to go to the Chair. Then they would convene a meeting with selected board members (named in the policy) to address how to deal with it.
However given that most Chairs and Heads I have seen are generally stuck up each other's backsides or the Chair was on the recruitment panel when the Head got the job, I can't see it being an easy ride.

Best bet is to talk to your union really along with finding out the policy for your school.

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