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SMSC/British Values Primary

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Tillyscoutsmum Wed 21-Dec-16 14:49:13

I'm an RQT in Primary and have been given "subject lead" for SMSC confused I've also been given a performance management target of raising the profile of SMSC throughout the school. I'm due to lead my first ever staff meeting on it after Christmas. I'm obviously aware of some ways that they are already embedded into the curriculum and have a few ideas of other things we could do. I was due to attend a course in Autumn but it's been postponed until March sad

So... Just wondered whether anyone can offer me any advice/insights into how it's dealt with in their schools and any ideas on how to raise the profile (I've asked advice from my year group leader and she said "What's SMSC?" so in theory, raising the profile should be from a fairly low start point 😉)

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Maidupmum Wed 21-Dec-16 16:54:13

We printed out the relevant SMSC statements and included them on each display- a simple way of showing how you're addressing it across the school and across the curriculum.
Also, a display showing how engaged you all are in the local community/any involvement in the democratic process etc.
Go through the long term curriculum plans and identify the best places to encourage the principles of SMSC in each topic.
I'll think of more....

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 21-Dec-16 17:06:04

Thank you for replying! Are the statements you display the ones from Ofsted's School Inspection Handbook? Do you have a separate SMSC display in each classroom?

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RustyBear Thu 05-Jan-17 20:58:04

This is the display we have at the school I work at, in a prominent position in the main corridor, showing all the ways in which SMSC is happening...

tinks269 Thu 05-Jan-17 23:54:51

We choose a theme each term and then each week at the end of the Friday assembly a member of SLT (but could be any teacher) does a 2 min bit on that area. It drip feeds the school and it really is 2 mins so doesn't take long to prepare.

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