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Child bereavement

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Ditsy4 Sun 11-Dec-16 08:01:20

Perhaps help them make a little book of memories of past Christmas ' with that parent. We've had bereaved children several times unfortunately. I find giving them little jobs helps (especially lunchtime 1:1) and as I am a Learning Mentor I have been able to spend some time with them to give support. Some get very anxious and need lots of reassurance. They also sometimes need permission to cry or think that Christmas isn't always a happy time.

TheTroubleWithAngels Thu 08-Dec-16 19:54:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wishparry Thu 08-Dec-16 19:41:34

How about a little token gift each?maybe a little photo frame they can put a picture of their parent in and keep by their beds?
I hope they're ok.that must be terrible for them to lose a parent at such a young age.
hopefully their extended family will reach out to them and try to give them a nice Christmas.

wowbutter Thu 08-Dec-16 19:41:02

Memory work would be nice. Giving them a safe space to talk. Find out fm they want peers to know.

DirtyGertie30 Thu 08-Dec-16 19:36:18


I need some ideas to help 2 bereaved children (year 4) through first Christmas after the death of a parent.

Seems that Christmas has more or less been cancelled by the remaining parent. I don't know how to help them through the next few weeks.

Any ideas??

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