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Equivalency Tests for Straight to Teaching

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queenofthebucket Sun 04-Dec-16 11:06:02

Has anyone followed the Straight to Teaching route to QTS?
I want to apply for this and have the backing of my school but I need to take the equivalency test for maths and science for the primary route.

Starting with maths, I'm looking for some advice on what syllabus to work from as I'm planning on refreshing at home to save money and taking the foundation stage.
I just need a recommendation for a good book to follow, where I can get an idea of the equivalency past papers, or if I should just follow foundations stage gcse papers.

user1483797593 Sat 07-Jan-17 14:06:03

Let me know how you get on as this is something that I want to do also. Maths scares me so much though - just the thought of doing the test gives me butterflies!

Good luck

DelphiniumBlue Sat 07-Jan-17 14:15:01

did Science equivalency test a while back, I just used the CGP books. Who will be administering the tests? Its worth contacting them and asking for book recommendations and advice re syllabus.
I did mine through A Star tutors in London, they were really helpful, and held a few classes for those who wanted them, and they also administered the tests. Not everyone who did the tests attended the classes, so no compulsion.

queenofthebucket Sat 07-Jan-17 22:51:03

Hi I am waiting for approval from the school that I can take the course, then the provider lists a couple of companies that they recommend so I will contact them soon as I can. Fingers crossed.

i will keep you updated.

Doraemon Sun 08-Jan-17 19:16:22

Would love to know how Straight to Teaching works for you.... I'm currently doing a mix of TA/HLTA/Cover supervisor (my contracts are all a bit of a fudge at the minute) and am constantly dithering about whether I actually want to go for QTS or not - doing it in my current school might actually make it workable in terms of childcare/commute etc.

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