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References - Non Teaching Staff

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pixerina Sun 27-Nov-16 08:38:24

I am / was a School Business Manager and left my job almost 2 months ago due to a completely unworkable relationship with a new Head. I didn't have anything else lined up but if I'd stayed, I am sure that I'd have ended up having a breakdown. I could have gone off on sick leave but wanted to make a clean break - I knew I would never go back and didn't want to go through the cycle of OH and HR appointments.

I loved my job and am tentatively dipping my toe back in the water as a couple of jobs have been advertised, one of which really appeals to me. However, I would prefer not to put the Head's name as a reference and instead, use a member of the SLT who has known me for many years.
Does anyone know if I can do this? In the relatively short time that the Head has been in school, there has been a high staff turnover and I know from experience that they will often ring a potential new Head for an 'off the record' chat whilst writing a bog standard reference.

I hate the fact that this person, who dragged me down so much, can have such an impact on my future. I was at the school for over 12 years, am damn good at what I do but still feel like this bully has control over me. sad

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TheSnowFairy Sun 27-Nov-16 13:32:40

I would, and could you put the old HT as a contact too?

pixerina Sun 27-Nov-16 15:44:33

Unfortunately not, TheSnowFairy - he is in the very advanced stages of terminal cancer. I will just go with the SLT one and see if anything is mentioned if I get an interview. I'm not ashamed of leaving (anymore....I did feel like a failure at first sad) but I'll have to find a diplomatic way of saying why!

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BitchyInnerMonologue Sun 27-Nov-16 15:46:14

Do the "new head I worked with for x months, but y was SLT and I worked with for z years, and can give you a better idea of my capabilities" line.

Worked for me!

DellaPorter Fri 02-Dec-16 21:23:01

I think you will find the SLT member can't write a reference for you without the head approving it.

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