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What to do about my boss?

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ByronBaby Sat 26-Nov-16 21:00:29

So, this might be outing because some of the details are quite specific, but, hey, can can always name change! I don't teach in the UK so some of the specifics might seem unusual - but it is all true, honest.
Not sure what approach to take with the headteacher this week as he is is really pissing me off! I am a classroom teacher in a tiny school (really tiny - less than 40 children aged 5 to 13). Frankly I do loads extra - above and beyond the scope of a classroom teacher. I get no reward or recognition because there are no management units available to give to me. Don't mind doing this stuff (until now) as it keeps my work interesting and someone has to do it. Some examples of the things I do for no extra money or time are acting as special educational needs co-ordinator, sitting on the Board, acting up as principal on regular occasions, running senior school camps single handed every year, running choir, maintaining the school website. Last week i was interviewed for a secondment (2 days a week) with a Ministry learning group. This was a leadership position. I thought all went well, but I didn't get it because I have no formal leadership role in my current position and this is apparently a national criteria (why interview me at all is my question, but that is another issue). They could give me no other feedback, although one of the interview panel said that they would love it if I could come and do some work for them to help out (umm, no chance - either appoint me or don't).
So my boss has been cock-a-hoop that I didn't get this position as if i had, it would have been bit inconvenient for him. He has now been given by the learning group some management units to use on an in school leader. (If they were used on me, I would then be able to say I have had a formal leadership role in the future). But he is saying that he is not sure if he is going to use them because he doesn't see what I would do for them and then in the next breath he is saying that he thinks that his wife (who teaches one day a week at school) should be allowed to apply for them. Clearly he is being a dick, but how do I deal with this? Confront him? Take my bat home in some way? Make life as difficult as I can for him? Clearly looking for another job is a possible answer, but the would just not work for me right now - I live and work in a really isolated place, everything is in confusion because of earthquakes (this probably gives a massive clue about my location), my H walked out on me two months ago and I have a heap of personal responsibility, my children come to school with me everyday - I need to deal with this situation rather than move on. Help me with some advice on how to deal with him and this!

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Catinthecorner Sat 26-Nov-16 21:08:55

Well, now he has the management units he can give you a leadership role or appoint someone to do all the extra stuff you currently do right?

ByronBaby Sat 26-Nov-16 21:44:09

Well yeah, Cat. You would think. But I think he has got used to me picking up the extra. I have made some gentle suggestions about how I could lead some extra learning in the school to justify the use of these management units, but he just rolls his eyes and say he 'needs to think about it'.

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Milklollies Sat 26-Nov-16 21:48:51

Watch the first episode of charmed. There was a character like your headteacher. I would tell him you are no longer able to the other bits until you get recognition and pay. I would apply like crazy for other jobs. Run as fast as you can as the guy sounds like a absolute dick and he will use the best of you until you're hung dry.

Milklollies Sat 26-Nov-16 21:49:31

You're problem is the gentle suggestion. You need to go all guns blazing with men like this.

ByronBaby Sat 26-Nov-16 22:14:52

I can't apply for other jobs at the mo. I have worked here for a long time - longer than him and the nearest other school is 70 km away. My children need me close as my H cannot be relied upon to parent them. I am ready to take my bat home as far as all the extras are concerned!

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fatowl Sun 27-Nov-16 00:15:30

Until you gave away your probable location I thought you were talking about my old school (in Asia)

Very similar - new start school, about 30 students, two staff and the principal. It started going seriously downhill when he gave his wife a job

I left but it was easier for me as we're in a city so plenty of jobs around, and my own kids weren't at the school.

noblegiraffe Sun 27-Nov-16 00:33:22

Give him a list of all the extras that you do that are not in your job description and say that if you do not receive the management units that are available then you will step down from these roles so that the person who is being paid the management units can take them on as part of their new role.

ByronBaby Sun 27-Nov-16 02:06:56

Good plan noble. But what if he just decides to sit on them? I think he is punishing me by withholding them for daring to apply for the original secondment.

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scaryclown Sun 27-Nov-16 02:27:29

1. Where does he 'get' the management units from? complsin vigorously to that layer
2. Yes. He is definitely actively withholding your career progression. You deserve compensation for this. Seek advice.
3. Whoever interviewed you and said you had no leadership experience is an arse. You have extensive and lonf term leadership decision-making, compliance and steering experience. I'm awarding you that now. You have it. I wluld even weite back to that job saying you do jave leadership experience..and list it.
4. do the same to the appropriate layer and demand retrospe tive allocation of leadership points.
5. His wife deserves them more than you???hmm cheeky Fucker deserves to get a misappropriation disciplinary - thats fraud.

KickAssAngel Sun 27-Nov-16 03:51:58

Exactly what noble said.

List all the extra things you do. Put it in writing and tell him that you either get the points for it or you won't be doing it. He can then choose to give you the money or give the money and work to his wife.

You will resent this so much if you don't stand up to him.

Next time you apply for another job, tell him that he will be confirming that you carried out management roles, e.g. SENCO for years x to y.

KickAssAngel Sun 27-Nov-16 03:52:43

Oh, and if he's been given funding for them, he can't just sit on them. Someone has to get the money.

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