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How to revise for GCSEs? Any recommendations

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wineoclockthanks Thu 17-Nov-16 21:34:44

DS1 is in Year 10 and doesn't seem to know how to revise for exams.
I have tried to help, but obviously as his mother I know nothing hmm

Can anyone please recommend a good book which outlines the techniques on how to revise? I have had a look but there seem to be so many so a recommendation from a teacher would be great.


samlovesdilys Fri 18-Nov-16 19:36:00

I like the 'my revision notes' series as they not only have content but also questions and model answers. I suggest he keeps trying different methods til he finds what works for him. How about:
- record cards to summarise key points
- testing him on facts
- spider diagrams
- recording himself and listening back
- memory walks through tricky concepts
- making quizzes and swapping with friends
- rewriting notes so they are clear
- practice questions (make sure he knows which exam board)
Is that a good start??!! Hope it helps!!

PberryT Fri 18-Nov-16 19:39:37

It also depends on the subject.

The best way to revise maths is to do maths. BBC bitesize has quizzes you can try and the school may have other resources available.

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