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I want out. What else can I do?

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DesolateWaist Wed 09-Nov-16 12:47:56

I had a load of rubbish jobs and I have a useless degree. I have QTS but not a PGCE.

I've been teaching for about 10 years. I love the children but I just can't stand all the shit that goes with it.

Any ideas?

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DullUserName Wed 09-Nov-16 17:10:29

I jumped this year. Now working in an education outreach role for a major industry. Think of any place you've taken chn to on trips and and major employers in your area... most will have a small education team.

DesolateWaist Wed 09-Nov-16 18:00:07

Do you prefer it, Dull?

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70ontheinside Thu 10-Nov-16 21:10:42

Following with interest after another shit day in school sad

DesolateWaist Thu 10-Nov-16 21:15:38

The sad thing is that I don't think there is going to be a magic new career.

I wish someone would just post and say 'our company loves ex teachers, come and work for us'.

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CrowyMcCrowFace Thu 10-Nov-16 21:18:03

Forn Parts is working for me. Lovely international school.

Obviously not necessarily feasible depending on your UK commitments...

Bluepowder Thu 10-Nov-16 22:22:21

Tutoring works for some. Combined with some supply, you could make a living.

70ontheinside Fri 11-Nov-16 18:15:42

Isn't supply the worst option, though? Our supplies are regularly eaten alive...

DesolateWaist Fri 11-Nov-16 21:25:24

I've done supply before. In primary it's not so bad. And even if you do get eaten alive then it's only for a day.

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SisterViktorine Fri 11-Nov-16 21:35:01

I often say on these threads try changing sector before you bail. Try special needs or a prep. There are pressures in both, but they are different and- I think- more bearable.

DullUserName Fri 11-Nov-16 23:10:23

Desolate Oh yes! I love it! I'm still with children most days, but no parents, no marking, waaaaay less planning, no work scrutinies, no lying awake thinking about why that summer-born FSM boy isn't reading well because the Head will judge that my stats are poor ...

leccybill Sat 12-Nov-16 22:12:51

I jumped and did 2 terms of day to day supply. I enjoyed it a lot actually. No work to take home so you could solely focus on teaching and learning in that moment, on that day.

It's not for everyone, the unknown element is hard to get to grips with it, but I enjoyed the variety and the challenge.

IonaNE Sun 13-Nov-16 21:08:16

I left teaching and took a job in the public sector. Along with a massive pay-cut (used to be on M6 + leadership points), but I had been careful not to get entangled in financial commitments like a mortgage, so I was in the position to do it. And what a relief it was, I've never regretted it. Monday to Friday, 9-5 and got my life back. I was made redundant after 2 years but now work in industry in a similar role, using the skills I learnt in the public service job. Another Mo-Fri 9-5 and with a good private pension, too. Wish I had quit teaching sooner.

jessmarkat Fri 18-Nov-16 21:27:29

I jumped but absolutely hated the monotony of my new job (even though it paid more and once I left at 5pm I could forget about it until the next day). So, am now back supply teaching and absolutely loving it. I may have been lucky that I live in a 'good' area but all schools I go into are extremely supportive towards supply teachers. The pupils are well behaved and as I've signed up with 3 agencies I''m actually having to turn down work. For the time being this is suiting me very well.

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