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Ideas for 10 minute task for jo interview

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puzzleandpie Tue 25-Oct-16 20:10:00

Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a job interview for a TA role next week and as part of the interview I have to prepare and bring with me a task for a 6 year old to complete that shows I understand how they learn. I am stuck for ideas, it is on the 31st so I was thinking I could do something to do with Halloween but other than that haven't got much further. The problem is it is so open ended!
If someone could just point me to a website for ideas I would be ever so grateful.

TealGiraffe Tue 25-Oct-16 20:17:58

Im a Ta but in y4 so not sure about the 6yr old side of it, but maybe have a look on twinkl. Search by ks1 then just have a browse? If nothing else it will help you see the level / style of work. Then base your activity of that?

I would go with numeracy, maybe something like number bonds? Or a pictogram using spooky pics?

Halloween shape recognition?

TealGiraffe Tue 25-Oct-16 20:19:00

As i said though i dont do ks1 so might be totally off the mark!

puzzleandpie Tue 25-Oct-16 20:20:50

Thank you so much.
Will go and have a look.

wobblywonderwoman Tue 25-Oct-16 20:23:28

Op I an place marking as I have done a course on learning styles and I will have a think how I can adapt the ideas for primary.

What you might be looking at is the learning style of the child (kinesthetic, visual etc)

I will need to look over old notes

puzzleandpie Tue 25-Oct-16 20:27:40

That's the problem. There is no guidance on what they want. It just says a task! So I'm guessing they want to see what you come up with and the reasons for doing it and what it will teach.

Emochild Tue 25-Oct-16 20:29:24

When was your course wobbly?

Learning styles have pretty much been declared a myth

OP are you doing a group activity or just for 1 child?

puzzleandpie Tue 25-Oct-16 20:30:12

Just one child.

VanillaLatteAndCake Tue 25-Oct-16 20:32:32

How about number bond snap/dominoes. Easy to differentiate too.
Do you know the ability of the child?

wobblywonderwoman Tue 25-Oct-16 20:34:13

2009 emo I do not know that.. Thank You. Sorry op

puzzleandpie Tue 25-Oct-16 20:39:29

No don't know anything about the child ability wise. That's just it. I think they have been deliberately vague just to see what amazing things people come up with.

DandelionAndBedrock Tue 25-Oct-16 20:42:06

I would be careful designing a task around Halloween - we don't do anything about it at all in my school.

KS1 children love dice. Roll 2 dice and add the numbers together? Roll one dice and find one more/one less?

DandelionAndBedrock Tue 25-Oct-16 20:42:47

You could have extra dice and if the task is too easy then progress to adding 3 single digit numbers.

puzzleandpie Tue 25-Oct-16 20:45:21

So do you think just keep it simple and not try to be too creative?
Just be able to really explain why you chose it and what the learning outcome will be?

DandelionAndBedrock Tue 25-Oct-16 20:47:56

I think so.

The problem with a more creative task is that you might end up explaining what the task is several times, and then they miss out on time to do it. It might be great, you just don't know how the child will respond.

I would have something simple, and be ready to explain how you would make it easier/harder, if you would follow up the task (with something more creative, by consolidating knowledge the next day etc). We don't expect TAs to plan, so it might be more about finding out how you engage with children (or maybe they will expect you to plan tasks!).

puzzleandpie Tue 25-Oct-16 20:53:04

Thank you Dandelion, I think I am over thinking it. Plus if I keep it simple there is less chance of me fluffing the explaining what with interview nerves.

DandelionAndBedrock Tue 25-Oct-16 20:57:27

You'll be fine.

Do you like children? I assume you do. Lots of praise, lots of smiling, and trust that your ability to engage with them shines through. TAs work incredibly hard doing a variety of jobs - I am sure this task is to see how you engage with them.

Be friendly to any staff you come across - especially the people in the office wink.

Emochild Tue 25-Oct-16 21:02:14

Talk is huge at the moment so make sure you are using the correct language (look at the national curriculum if you aren't sure), praise for trying, thinking and explaining their answer

puzzleandpie Tue 25-Oct-16 21:08:11

Thanks so much everyone. Will be sure to come back and tell you all how it goes. It is a the first interview after being self-employed for years so rather out of practise.

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